Alkalizing Fruit Salad

///Alkalizing Fruit Salad

Alkalizing Fruit Salad



1 Pear
1 Apple
2 – 3 Kiwi fruit


  1.      Chop fruit.
  2.      Mix together.
  3.      Then add Yogurt Dressing, recipe below.

Yogurt Dressing


1 cup Yogurt, unsweetened (organic cows, goats, coconut or soy)
Few drops of Stevia or 1-3 tsp honey, non-pasteurized


  1. Mix all ingredients together. DO NOT USE A BLENDER.
  2. Pour over salad.
  3. Mix together well.


Serving Tip: If you are planning on this lasting for the next day do not add the yogurt dressing to the whole salad. Put half in a covered container and two thirds of the dressing in covered jar in the fridge.

Alkaline Nutritional Tip: Did you know that Kiwi fruit, Pears, Apricots, Apples and Stevia are all in the highest alkalizing category.

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