Vegan Appetizers


Delicious Black Olive Tapenade

Tapenade was first made in Marseille, southern France in 1880. It is a delicious spread that usually has anchovies in it but of course, mine is vegan.

Chickweed Pesto

Tasty Vegan Chickweed Pesto

This chickweed pesto is vegan, is easy to make and tastes great! Toss with pasta or serve with bread or crackers for an appetizer.

Party Dip

Avocado Vegetable Dip is Delicious

This easy to make avocado vegetable dip is that it is full of vegetables; adding the celery makes it crunchy and not so rich as well as healthier.

Health Party Dips

Healthy Party Dips

Most of the party dips are full of unhealthy ingredients. These dips are full of healthy ingredients and very delicious.