Alkaline Diet Principles E-book- Acid / Alkaline Balance

Learn from this health book how an alkaline diet can easily and permanently create a fundamental chemical balance in your body that supports energy, weight management, healing, and total fitness.
You will digest your food much more easily which is helpful for eliminating gas.
health book alkaline diet

Alkaline Diet Health Book to Help You Create the Correct Acid/Alkaline Balance For a Body Full of Vitality

  • Contains the full description of the acid/alkaline balance and understanding.
  • Contains colour food charts of most alkaline to most acid-forming foods to print and put on your fridge for easy reference.
  • Contains an explanation of key foods to add to your diet
  • Best of all are many simply delicious recipes.

Table of Contents:

  1. Benefits of Having a Balanced Body’s pH
  2. List of symptoms of being too Acidic
  3. What Research and Experts say
  4. How We Balance Our pH
  5. What are the Alkaline and Acid Foods
  6. Acid/Alkaline Chart – two pages of Most Foods
  7. How to Test Your pH Balance
  8. Foods for an Alkalizing Your Diet! With 3 recipes
  9. Eat Greens (recipes included) to Create a More Alkaline Forming Diet
  10. Start Your Day with an alkalizing Green Smoothie! With 2 smoothie recipes
  11. More Greens Are Good for Us Recipes with 5 recipes

Yes, I want to learn how to balance my body.

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