Balance Your Body – Learn All You Need to Know About the Alkaline Diet

My Balance Your Body book was published on Amazon. This is exciting as it’s my first book on Amazon. Seven more books to come this year!  It is very important to have an alkaline diet way of eating to be healthy. This principle was a life changer for me. It helped me get my health back and be fully active in this wonderful life. Here is where you can learn about my fibromyalgia story.
Balance Your Body Alkaline diet

An overly acidic condition weakens the body and can become dangerous. I’ve seen it make a big healthy difference in many people’s lives who have worked with me in courses and coaching.

Would you like to reclaim your health with an easy diet?
Do you know what the correct foods are for Acid/Alkaline Balance?

Balance Your Body with an Alkaline Diet Book

  • Has a full description of the acid/alkaline balance.
  • Contains food charts of the most alkaline to most acid-forming foods to print and put on your fridge for easy reference.
  • Tells you which are the key foods to add to your diet
  • Best of all are many simply delicious recipes.
  • Learn the 10 Benefits of Having A Balanced Acid/Alkaline Body.

“Well, you will do Amazing with this book love your recipes and all the knowledge that you share. Your food is always Healthy and delicious thank you for everything that you do to make sure we can eat such great foods.”  ~ Marilyn Hogan, Medical Intuitive

I am now an Amazon author!

How to Purchase Balance Your Body on Amazon:

Balance Your Body – Learn All You Need to Know About the Alkaline Diet
Kindle for $1.99 US
Paperback for $25 Cdn
You can purchase this book in any country in this world.

All the meals in the courses at Real Food for Life are in agreement with Balance Your Body with an alkaline diet. To learn more in a hands-on way join The Acid Alkaline BootCamp.

I’ve been sharing and researching healthy living and food in a big way since I healed from being unwell for 17 years with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. This Real Food for Life website is very popular with over 350 very healthy recipes.

superfoods health benefitsIt was important to do much research for the over 100 Superfood articles I wrote and published here. Also, got out there doing research for many general health nutrition information posts. This site has many free webinars and online courses that were created here for you.

I’ve been very busy here creating more posts regularly. Being busy doesn’t stop me from creating healthy meals and going for walks every day even in the winter.

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