Dandelion Flower Health Benefits

The dandelion flower does have health benefits but it has not been as fully researched as the roots and leaves have been, but there are many possible dandelion flower health benefits as well.

In the west, we consider dandelions to be weeds, but in many societies, this beautiful plant is considered an important medicinal herb. It also tastes great!

The following is a list of dandelion flower health benefits that are for the petals themselves. The root and the leaves have even stronger properties and are more fully researched.

Possible Health Benefits of Dandelion Flowers

  1. Dandelion flowers are a source of antioxidants.
  2. They Relieve pain from headaches,  backaches,  and menstrual cramps
  3. They Relieve stomach cramps.
  4. Relieves depression.
  5. A chemical compound known as helenin found in dandelion flowers may be the cure for those with a problem of reduced vision in the dark.
  6. Dandelion petals also contain Vitamin A and Vitamin B12 which are also good the eyes.
  7. In 1956, Chauvin demonstrated the antibacterial effects of dandelion pollen, which may validate the centuries-old use of dandelion flowers in Korean folk medicine to prevent boils, skin infections, tuberculosis, and edema and promote blood circulation.

Dandelion Flower Facts and Trivia:

  • The botanical name is taraxacum officinale.
  • Dandelions were brought to the United States originally from Europe and Asia and were transported for its health benefits.
  • In French they are called pissenlit – literally ‘bedpissers’, an homage to the plant’s diuretic properties.
  • Other names of this plant are:  Blow Ball Cankerwort, Lion’s Tooth, Pissabed Priest’s-crown, Puff Ball,  Pu Gong Ying,  Pu-kung-ying,  Swine Snout, Telltime, White Endive, Wild Endive
  • The syrup is sweet, yet tangy, with strong herbal, honey-pollen, and citrus notes.
  • Make into an herbal tea by steeping several in hot water. Homemade dandelion flower wine can also be made from the petals I hear.

Learn More About Dandelions

dandelion leaves
Dandelion Madness

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Dandelion Flower
Dandelion Flower Pancakes

Dandelion Flower Recipes

 Dandelion Flower Pancakes -No milk or eggs, but lots of health and good taste.

 Dandelion Flower Syrup -You can taste the unique sweetness from the yellow petals.

 Dandelion Flower Cordial  – The word cordial sounds tasty, and it’s very appropriate in this case!


When there are dandelions around first thing in the spring it is time for a Spring Cleanse

Randy Fritz

A certified Nutritional Consultant, Randy has been teaching health and personal development principles for over 30 years and has personally helped individuals with over 10,000 Body Health Assessments.

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    • It is possible to extract oil from the blossoms but I have never done so myself. Does you or anyone else know how?
      Dandelion blossom oil has been used as a folk remedy for painful, swollen joints, as a healthy breast and body massage oil.

  • Thanks so much for the valuable information. We have just started drinking dandelion root tea and have noticed we grow our own right here 🙂

  • The name dandelion comes from the french “dent de lion” meaning lions’ tooth, another french name for the plant now out of fashion.

  • To create dandelion oil, just infuse olive oil with dandelion blossoms for 4-6 weeks. Then put into jars. You can also add beeswax to make a salve and Vitamin E drops as a preservative.

  • can u just eat the flowers in a salad , like i do with the leaves? do they grow well indoors. i potted one yesterday. i hope to have cleaner leaves without cat or dog urine.

  • I have no idea if they would grow well indoors. Yes, you can eat them but they can be a little bitter. I fill an entire jar full and then pour in the oil.

  • Mollie, I agree with Elyse that you can eat them but they will be bitter. See the recipes above that make them sweet.
    So Elyse, what do you do with the ones that you pour the oil over?
    Mollie, let us know how the ones you are growing in the house work. I am very interested.