Spring Cleanse is Good Us – Learn the Benefits Of Doing One

Have you done your spring cleanse yet? Here are 10 benefits and 8 tips to get you going.

The cells in our body are always producing waste so cleansing always naturally takes place to keep it functioning.  Unfortunately, due to our toxic environment and unhealthy lifestyles, our cleansing systems are often overworked.

Overwork your cleansing organs, such as your liver long enough, and eventually, they cannot do their job well and waste builds up.  This allows chronic conditions to develop and is one of the ways our body degenerates over time.  Having a healthy elimination system is important. You can see why it is a good idea to do a spring cleanse.

Waste can build up even faster due to a poor diet, overeating, drinking too much pop or coffee, not exercising, working too much, not getting enough sleep. We know what we should and should not be doing.  But it still happens – even to us ‘health nuts’.

According to the Chinese, spring is the time to cleanse and nourish the liver! The FIRE or heat element is active and that activates your body to relax and ‘melt’ a little.  Like the dirt and pollens that become exposed when the snow melts, the toxins start to be exposed in your body and need to be eliminated.  You can support that cleansing with the proper foods and natural herbs.

Because of this ‘melting’, this is also a time when it is easier to lose weight!

There are so many kinds of ‘detox diets’, cleansing and fasting regimes out there and most of them you need to be careful about trying.  Often calories are severely limited during a detox which can result in extreme fatigue.   Many of these detox diets are fad diets and can be harsh on the body.  It is important to be careful in what you undertake.

I have endured two different major spring cleanses:

  • Water fasting is an extreme way to detoxify and not something I recommend doing on your own. It is best to be in a clinic with expert supervision.

In 1996 I went to a clinic and did a three-week water fast under the supervision of a doctor and his staff.  I had daily blood pressure and heart examinations.  I did this because I was in a near death situation with fast deteriorating health and it stopped the downward spiral I was on.  Although this helped me in terms of not getting sicker it did not completely heal me at all.

  • Liver cleanses are used to help cleanse the body of excess toxins and alleviate digestive problems from the heavy meals eaten during the winter months. This is a strong cleanse and can even detrimental according to modern research.

In 1972 I did my first spring liver cleanse. It all started with a group of us sitting in the waiting room drinking olive oil and lemon juice at intervals all morning.  It was not fun. Every day for the next two weeks I would visit the clinic for a colonic and massage and see the naturopath.  It totally took over my life; I was not able to carry on easily in my life with going to the toilet all day long.

spring cleanse

You may be wondering why you would want to do a spring cleanse. There are many reasons but here are the best ones.

10 benefits you can expect from doing a gentle ‘spring cleanse’

  1. Weight Loss Happens! Toxins are stored in fat cells. As toxins are eliminated so are fat cells.
  2. Beautiful Skin is healthy skin. Toxins in the body can destroy our skin with pimples etc.
  3. Digestion Works! A clogged digestive system stops doing its job efficiently.
  4. More Energy! As toxic waste leaves the body there can be increased energy.
  5. Breathing is Easier.  The respiratory system is free from being clogged.
  6. Helps Prevent Disease. “By regularly purging the body of unhealthy toxins and waste, you can assist the body’s natural defenses and help to prevent disease before it starts.” Dr. Elson Haas
  7. The brain is Clearer.  Improved concentration and mental focus are the results of a cleaner system.
  8.  Joints are More Flexible as the toxins are moved on.
  9. Feeling Rejuvenated as the body is renewed.
  10. Being Filled with Motivation and Creativity as you feel lighter and freer.

I have created a very easy Spring Cleanse at a highly reduced price for my readers.

What we need is a detox program designed to fit into our life. Too often people go to cleansing retreats or on a detox diet at home and end up returning to unhealthy eating and drinking habits and lifestyles.  That does not work!

I recommend, doing a gentle spring-liver cleanse which is easy on the body and you can still continue with your life.

8 Simple things you can do to cleanse your body for two days:

  1. Drink more water: start your day with 2 – 3 cups of water every morning.
  2. Eat fresh fruits daily: make your breakfast be fresh juicy fruits (not sweet ones like bananas)
  3. Eat lots of vegetables and their juices.  For lunch have a big salad and for a snack have fresh vegetable juice.
  4. Leave out all cooked food and that means no grains or starches or proteins for these two days.
  5. Soaking toxins away in a bath: have an Epsom salt bath nightly.
  6. Exercise creates sweating: walk up lots of stairs or hills.
  7. Breathe fully and deeply: this is something to always do.
  8. Sleeping deeply and enough: this is super important always too.

The first two points and last three points are something you can incorporate into your day every day.

Also, to help cleanse:  No overeating and No junk food.

There you go a very simple way to do a spring cleanse at any time of the year.

For myself, I drink two very gentle cleansing yummy teas 365 days a year so I do not need to do special cleanses.

I know most people do not always get around to doing this,
so I have put together a very friendly easy Spring Cleanse
At a highly reduced price for my readers.

This is also for the people who know they should be doing something but never get around to it.

You can do your body spring cleaning while you are spring cleaning your home, like washing carpets, cleaning vents, and emptying washer and dryer pumps. Don’t forget spring cleaning of the water cooler too, learn How to Clean a Water Cooler.

You can also learn how to plan and prepare super healthy meals with my
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