Learning How to Breathe Changed My Life

When I learned how to breathe into my belly, my life was changed forever! Not breathing into my belly was adversely affecting my health even as a young teenager but I did not realize that. I had stomach aches all the time and was medicated with little yellow pills for it during my teens. It was worse when I was stressed.

My Story – How Breathing Changed My Life Forever

One week in my 20′s I found myself in a very stressful situation that caused so much stomach pain I was literally walking around bent over. I could not stand upright due to pain and wasn’t breathing into my belly but didn’t realize it.  It became so bad I was hospitalized and given Demerol which took away the pain and of course made me feel high. Being in my 20’s that seemed fun for a bit but even back then I was all about being natural so I did not want to be taking chemicals into my body.

I left the hospital with those same little yellow pills I had taken in my teens (not sure what they were called but they made it painless). I knew I had to do something but what?

Relaxing seemed a way forward so I enrolled in a yoga class, a friend was teaching and this is when I learned how to breathe.

Every morning, I would do yoga and everyday practice breathing into my belly while lying on my bed. It was important to totally focus on doing it as it was so not what I was accustomed to doing. Whenever I noticed the stomach pain returning I would lie down and practice breathing.

Later I would practice belly breathing whenever I was sitting around, then when quietly walking and anytime I remembered during the day. Naturally, I found myself breathing into my belly consistently. It is not noticeable deep breathing just naturally breathing into my whole body gently.

Mostly, we do not learn to breathe properly. Knowing how to and relax is a skill that has served me well for many years, and I urge everyone to learn it.

Another thing I have learned from coaching others is that constipation which is so common is often due to not breathing into the belly. When the people I work with learn to breathe into their lower abdomen they begin to have regular bowel movements.

One thing I learned is that it is good to breathe in and out of your nose, not your mouth.

Learn my Simple Method For Breathing For Wellness

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