Simple Method for Deep Breathing For Wellness

I HAD  to learn this method for deep breathing because of severe health problems due to my shallow breathing.

Hopefully, your situation will not be as severe. You can read below the whole story and the many ways it can help you. Learning How to Breathe Changed My Life!

Most people I have worked with do not know how to do deep breathing into their belly.  There are all sorts of complicated lessons on breathing but really it does not have to be that difficult.  After all, babies do this naturally; it is not rocket science. What we want to do is get back to breathing the way we did as a baby.

Before we get into the method I would like to check in with you about why we only breathe in and out through the nose. Many have learned to breathe out through their mouth which from what I know is not the best.

Your lungs extract oxygen from the air during inhalation and exhalation. Yes even when exhaling.  When you exhale through the nose, greater air pressure is created so a slower exhalation keeping more oxygen in. Your lungs have extra time to extract a greater amount of oxygen.  This happens because the nose is smaller than the mouth meaning we exhale slower through the nose than the mouth. Learn more about Mouth Breathing Vs. Nasal Breathing.

Simple Method For Deep Breathing

  1. Lay down on your back on a bed.
  2. Relax.
  3. Put your hands on your belly.
  4. Breathe naturally through your nose and notice if your belly is going up and down.
  5. Now gently breathe into your belly; keep your hands gently on your belly.
  6. Keep your mouth closed.
  7. Keep breathing silently till you feel your belly going up and down gently rhythmically.
  8. Do this gently quiet breathing for 3 – 10 minutes depending on how much time you have.
  9. Every day, do this when you first wake and when you go to bed at night.
  10. Later do this while you are sitting, close your eyes because while you are sitting you are more likely to get distracted.
  11. Also, whenever you are upset or have a stomach ache find a place to do this. Laying down at the beginning is best but you can breathe while sitting.
  12. As time goes on, do this gentle breathing into your belly whenever you remember.  Breathe while you on the computer, walking, watching a movie or talking with a friend or whenever. You do not have to put your hands on your belly that is just to help you become aware of your belly and breathing.

Eventually, as you continue to practice belly breathing you will notice that you are doing it as a regular thing. It could take months or a year or two which is ok.

How long did it take you to stop the belly breathing you did as a baby?

Let me know how you progress with relearning how to belly breathe!

Learn More About Breathing

13 Health Benefits of Breathing Well – Breathing deeply also has many health benefits.

Do you know what deep breathing is? Are you breathing well? You know you are breathing now since that is necessary to be alive and reading this article. Learn how to do it well. It saved my life.

Most of us do not breathe into our belly; this fast-paced life has developed a nation full of people who do not know how to breathe.

Learning How to Breathe Changed My Life – When I learned how to breathe into my belly, my life was changed forever! Not breathing into my belly was adversely affecting my health even as a young teenager but I did not realize that. I had stomach aches all the time and was medicated with little yellow pills for it during my teens. It was worse when I was stressed.

Deep Breathing Exercises to Transform Your Life – The beginning of your life is probably measured from that moment when you took your first breath. From that point on,  you ‘know how to breathe’ so you completely forget about it except in those rare instances when you can’t! Suddenly more air can become very important –  for example when you are underwater.

Learn an Easy Breathing Exercise To Help You Relieve Stress – We all know that life has stressful moments and learning how to relieve it with an easy breathing exercise can be very helpful. We all remember when we were very stressed, hearing a friend say “Breathe” and knowing that is what we need to do.

Tips For Improving Air Quality:  It’s a little self-defeating if you are breathing better but your air quality is poor!

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