13 Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

Do you know what deep breathing is? Are you breathing well? You know you are breathing now since that is necessary to be alive and reading this article. Learn how to do it well. It saved my life.

Most of us do not breathe into our belly; this fast-paced life has developed a nation full of people who do not know how to breathe.

Not breathing into my belly was adversely affecting my health and incapacitating me in my life. As a young person, I did not realize that it was my breathing which was causing my stomach aches all the time.  During my teens, I was medicated for this with little yellow pills. It was worse when I was stressed.

Learning How to Breathe Changed My Life!  You can read the whole story and the many ways it can help you.

13 Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

All of these benefits are things I have noticed in my health and life.

1. Digestive System Does its Job
What I have learned through my health coaching is that constipation is very common and is often due to shallow breathing. When people learn to breathe into their lower abdomen they begin to have regular bowel movements right away.
Breathing into the gut massages the internal organs to function well. It calms the emotions which directly affect the digestion system. There are other ways to improve digestion but this is an easy one.

2.  Respiratory System Works Better
Respiratory difficulties such as asthma and bronchitis can lessen. Chest pains can lessen.

3.  Lymph System Works Well
Increases circulation of lymphatic fluid which speeds recovery after illnesses.

4.  Circulation System Moves
Increases oxygen to the heart thus improving your heart rate.
Blood circulates and congestion is relieved throughout the body. There is a flow of oxygen to the brain and eyes.

5.  Immune System has More Energy
It helps tissues to regenerate and heal.
Creates more energy for the body to heal and detoxify.

6.  Nervous System is Calmer
Anxiety can be reversed by deeply breathing patterns.
Can balance the two sides of the brain.

Deep Breathing

7.  Muscular and Structurally you Move
When you breathe easier you move easier.
Reduces muscular tension.
Increases flexibility and strength of joints.

8.  Cleansing Systems Work Better
Excess fluids are eliminated through the breath.
Stress on organs of elimination is less so the body can naturally cleanse.

“Breathing is massively practical,” says Belisa Vranich, a psychologist and author of the book “Breathe,” to be published in December. “It’s meditation for people who can’t meditate.” ~ New York Times

9.  Mentally Here
Mental observation and concentration are improved.
Greater productivity and learning.
Better decision making.

10.  Physical Appearance is Better
Wrinkles are less from improved circulation. Breathing helps create beautiful skin at any age.

11. Emotionally Feel Better
Being deeply relaxed reduces feelings of stress. Releases endorphins, natural painkillers that create a natural high and easy sleep. It creates more awareness and self-love leading to a healthier life.

12.  Relationships
Self-love can help to have greater compassion for others. Sexual enjoyment is increased by being more present with your partner and breathing well increases the intensity of an orgasm.  It really is a natural aphrodisiac.

13.  Spiritually
Deepens meditation.  Intuition increases from being more relaxed. Creativity increases.

Diana, now healthy enjoying the fresh air on a beach in Turkey
Diana, now healthy enjoying the fresh air on a beach in Turkey

My Story – How Breathing Changed My Life Forever

One week in the 70′s I found myself in a very stressful situation that caused so much stomach pain I was literally walking around bent over. I could not stand upright due to pain and wasn’t breathing into my belly but did not realize it.

You can read my story and learn the many ways it can help you. Learning How to Breathe Changed My Life!

Mostly, we do not learn to breathe properly; just very shallow breathing. Knowing how to breathe and relax is a skill that has served me well for many years, and I urge everyone to learn it.

HOW to  Breathe Your Way to Optimum Health

Improve your air quality 

Breathing more doesn’t do you any good if the air is toxic. Here are tips to help you Improve Air Quality.

Practice learning how to breathe

Most people I have worked with do not know how to breathe into their belly.  There are all sorts of complicated lessons on breathing but really it does not have to be that difficult.  After all, babies do this naturally; it is not rocket science. What we want to do is get back to breathing the way we did as a baby.

a.  Diana’s Method:  Here is my own method to learn how to breathe more with your belly.

b.   3 Powerful  Yogic/chi-gong Breathing Exercises for improved health.

laughter is the best medicineLaugh More

Laughter really is the best medicine’ for health.
When we laughing the amount of air we take in increases and the muscles in our chest loosen. Most of us have laughed so hard that we gasp for air and say please stop making me laugh.  Find a laughter group and club or yoga that is based on laughter.

Read Diana’s Simple Method for Breathing for Wellness which she used to improve her digestion, stop the pain and change her life.

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6 thoughts on “13 Health Benefits of Deep Breathing”

  1. Evelyn McMullen

    I take 4 or 5 deep breaths just when I hit the pillow at nite. Really helps me get to sleep.

  2. I want to share my experience of deep breathing.I had irregular heart beat and my BP could not be controlled even with medication.I started deep breathing in the form of Pranayam(yogic Deep breathing) about more than a year now.There are 7 type of pranayam breathing and should be done every day.
    I had a results which changed my life.Heart beat is normal and BP is now controlled by
    eliminating one of the BP medication and reducing the other from 180 to 120 mg.My doctor is also surprised.My heart beats were irregular for 5 years.It started when I was 75 years old and doctors told me that there nothing to worry.This is very common and it happens to lot of people 70 years and older.
    I follow good life style and my diet include lots of fruits and vegetables and lean and healthy protein and whole grain.
    I would be pleased to help any one with similar health issue.

  3. Hello Diana,

    There is ample information available on Internet.One can find on You Tube ” Yogic breathing Pranayam” and see all the different techniques to practice Pranayam.

    You have to do it as daily routine to get benefits.


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