Sugar Free Desserts

Wild rice pudding

Deluxe Tasty Wild Rice Pudding

This wild rice pudding is a new favorite pudding of mine. It has a creamy consistency and it is still vegan which I like. It is not overly sweet and yet is a sweet pudding with lots of flavour and lots of wild rice which is full of health benefits.

Delicious Turkish Tahini and Molasses Dessert

This tahini and molasses dessert is from Turkey which they call ‘Tahin Pekmez’.  It is so easy and fast to make as it requires no cooking or no baking. All you do is mix it up and that only takes a few minutes and voila it is done!

Sweet Hazelnut Balls

Sweet Hazelnut Balls

These hazelnut balls are sweetly delicious made with healthy ingredients making them full of nutrients.