Dragon Fruit Chia Pudding with Raspberries

This is for sure a delicious chia pudding made with dragon fruit and raspberries.  Of course, it is vegan and sugar-free as all the recipes on Real Food for Life are and I have to say delicious too.

It is a very healthy dessert made from the tasty superfoods dragon fruit, raspberries, flax seeds, stevia and chia seeds.

Dragon fruit benefits
Red and White Dragon Fruit

The benefits of dragon fruit are numerous for us. They are full of many health benefits from helping digestion, reducing blood sugar levels to helping with cancer prevention. Beautiful tropical dragon fruits certainly sound and look exotically unique. Dragon Fruit Benefits You in Many Ways and Is Yummy

Raspberries are a red sweet juicy delight to see and eat. They keep your metabolic rate high with high levels of the trace mineral manganese and are one of the top 10 antioxidant-rich fruits. They are high in vitamin c and have more fibre than most fruits and vegetables.

chia seedsThese tiny chia seeds have soared to becoming one of the most popular superfoods in the health community. It is no surprise that chia means “strength” in the Mayan language and they are strengthening as you will see from their many health benefits. Chia is pronounced chee-ah.

One of the binding ingredients is flax seeds which are a great substitute for eggs in baking. 9 Egg Substitutes for Tasty Vegan Baking Without Eggs.

The flaxseed has only been recognized for all the wonderful health benefits in the last few decades even though it has been cultivated for their health benefits for 5000 years!  Learn all about Flaxseed and It’s Many Health Benefits and Uses.

As I don’t use sugar for my baking I often use stevia which is the healthy option.  The stevia plant is incredibly sweet and also incredibly good for you.  The leaf is 30 times sweeter than sugar while extracts are 300-400 times sweeter.  The best stevia will, therefore, be the one that retains some whole food value and is water-based.  Liquid forms will be less processed.  Go here to learn How to Get the Best Stevia Without the Bitterness.

Enjoy a dragon fruit chia pudding as it is easy to make.

Dragon Fruit with Raspberries Chia Pudding

This chia pudding with dragon fruit and raspberries is vegan, delicious and easy to make.
Servings 2
Author Diana Herrington


  • 1 Cup Frozen Raspberries
  • 1 Dragon Fruit
  • 2 tbsp Chia Seeds
  • 2 tbsp Flaxseed Meal
  • 1 Cup Coconut or Almond Milk Unsweetened
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Yogurt
  • Few Drops Stevia


  • Put the raspberries, dragon fruit, chia seeds, and flaxseed meal into a blender.
  • Add the milk and blend on high until smooth.
  • Pause to scrape the sides of the blender with a spatula as needed.
  • Sweeten the coconut yogurt with some stevia.
  • Place the pudding into a bowl and top it with yogurt and a few raspberries.


Find out more about these ingredients here: raspberries, flaxseed meal, almond milk, dragon fruit, stevia

Now that you have made a yummydragon fruit chia pudding, here are some more recipes.

One More Dragon Fruit Recipe

 Dragon Fruit Smoothie – This dragon fruit smoothie is delicious and refreshing. This exotic fruit is delightful to make a smoothie with.  Also, this recipe is vegan and gluten-free.  It is a tasty smoothie which is great for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

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vital healt assessment

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