List of Foods High in Potassium That will Help You Be So Healthy

Are you getting enough potassium? If you are not then below you will find a list of foods that are naturally high in potassium that will help you boost your daily potassium intake.

High Potassium Foods

What is potassium?

It is an essential mineral found in every cell in the body. It has a strong relationship with sodium, calcium, and magnesium. It is important to have a balance between all of these minerals for good health. It is the third most abundant mineral in the body.

Potassium is used for muscle contractions including the heart muscle, helping to keep blood pressure stable (along with sodium), and many other functions.

If potassium is adversely high or low it can dramatically affect the nervous system and increase the chance of irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias).

  • An increased level of Potassium is called hyperkalemia.
  • A decreased level is called hypokalemia.

Note the hypER vs hyPO in those definitions.

Potassium is an essential nutrient required for fluid and electrolyte balance in the body.

Keeping the right amount of it in your body is a balancing act done by the work of healthy kidneys. If the kidneys are not healthy, there will be a need to limit high potassium foods that can increase the potassium in your blood to a dangerous level.

Recommended Amounts of Potassium For Adults

  • “For women 14-18 years of age, the AI is 2,300 mg daily; for women 19+, 2,600 mg. For pregnant and lactating women, the AI ranges from 2,500-2,900 depending on age.
  • For men 14-18 years of age, the AI is 3,000 mg; for men 19+, 3,400 mg.” ~ Harvard 

To ensure we get enough potassium in our diet, in balance, here is a list of the foods that are high in potassium.

Foods High in Potassium
Potassium Foods

20 Foods High in Potassium

Information compiled from the Harvard Nutrient Database

Potassium Per measure mg.


JUICES (1 cup)

  • Prune juice               707
  • Carrot juice              689

BEANS (all 1 cup)

  • Beans, baked            752
  • Beans, Kidney          713
  • Beans, refried          673
  • Lima beans              955
  • Beans, white          1,189
  • Black-eyed peas      690

VEGETABLES Containing Potassium (all 1 cup except potatoes)

  • Jerusalem Artichokes  644
  • Lentils                             731
  • Soybeans                        886
  • Spinach                           839
  • Squash, Winter             896
  • 1 Potato                         1,081 most are found in the skin
  • Beet Greens                  1,309
  • Swiss chard                    960

GRAINS (1 cup)

  • Wheat Bran, Crude      1182
  • Wheat Germ, Crude       892

34 Second Highest


  • Avocados                           540     3 oz.
  • Banana                               467     1 med.
  • Dates                                   542    10 dates
  • Figs, dried                          542    4 figs
  • Kiwi                                     504    2 med.
  • Cantaloupe                        494     1 cup

JUICES (1 cup)

  • Orange juice                      496
  • Tomato juice                     535  Added salt

NUTS & Seeds

  • Almonds                             412   2 oz.
  • Pumpkin Seeds                 588  1 cup


Molasses, blackstrap                  498  1 Tbsp

VEGETABLES (All 1 cup cooked)

  • Artichoke                          595
  • Broccoli                            456
  • Brussels Sprouts             504
  • Chick Peas                        477
  • Parsnips                            573
  • Sweet Potatoes                 508 with the skin
  • Tomatoes, raw                 400

GRAINS (all 1 cup, uncooked)

  • Amaranth                         508
  • Barley, Hulled                 452
  • Buckwheat                       460
  • Buckwheat Flour, Groat 577
  • Bulgur, Dry                      410
  • Rye                                     510
  • Rye Flour, Dark               717
  • Teff                                    427
  • Wheat, Durum                431
  • Wheat, Soft White          435


  • Yogurt, low fat             531  8 oz.
  • Mollusk clams              534   3 oz. canned
  • Cod                                    39   3 oz.
  • Halibut                            490  3 oz.
  • Tuna                                 484  3 oz.

Foods High in Potassium

Potassium is an incredibly important electrolyte, along with salt, calcium, and magnesium. We need four times as much Potassium as sodium (salt), so finding foods high in potassium, and including them in your daily meals is not only a great idea but is very important.

Now that you have learned about the foods high in potassium, time to create some healthy recipes.

Healthy Balanced Recipes

Orange Spinach Salad

 Orange and Spinach Salad with Pecans is Delicious and Healthy – This orange spinach salad is a sneaky way to get that superfood into your diet. Also, all the ingredients are very healthy. It is very easy to make and very tasty; everyone I have served it to always enjoys it very much.

 Creamy Swiss Chard Soup with Almonds is Delicious – This delicious Swiss chard soup is hearty with the addition of potatoes and is very nutritious too. I love that it is so creamy without the addition of cow’s milk so that it is creamy and vegan. The crunchy almonds on top add an extra tastiness.

 Tasty Vegan Sandwich with Avocado, Cucumber and Pumpkin Seeds – This vegan sandwich is great for a quick simple lunch or snack, some even like having it for breakfast. The avocado adds creaminess, the cucumber is juicy and the pumpkin seeds add a salty crunch. It is so tasty and I like how easy it is to make. YUM.

  Power Salad with SpinachThis spinach salad is full of healthy greens that is one of the highest alkaline-forming foods and spinach is full of vitamins A, K, and D. This is a very simple and tasty salad to make and is full of superfoods; everyone I have served it to enjoys it very much.

 Miso Soup With Spinach & Mushrooms We have come to think of Japanese food as being tempura, teriyaki, and sushi but it is miso soup that the Japanese will not want to live without. Originally, miso soup was actually served as a breakfast food.

Spring White Bean and Asparagus Stew – I created and tried this White Bean Asparagus Stew recipe out for the first time on two dinner guests.  That was rather brave!  They were good friends, and you never know how some people react to beans. Sometimes people get gas unless they take the proper steps.

I had taken all the precautions though, and they loved it!

Creamy Vegan Potato Leek Soup with Carrots – I created this potato leek soup at the end of September here in Edmonton, AB it felt like winter was almost here!  This filling and warming soup is perfect for a yummy lunch. The recipe makes a big pot of soup which fed two of us for two lunches. It tastes so good that we also enjoyed it the second day too. Not only is it delicious it is full of healthy real foods too, making it a very nutritious meal and full of foods high in potassium.

Molasses Tahini CookiesYummy Molasses/Tahini Cookies Are Good for You – These molasses tahini cookies are Middle Eastern-inspired, delicious, and easy to make!  Also, they are vegan, and gluten-free too!  And have many foods full of potassium in them.

Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus – This is a traditional Middle Eastern Hummus dip; it is a blend of garbanzo beans, garlic, olive oil, and tahini. A great dip for your next party or picnic. Who doesn’t enjoy delicious hummus? The other great thing about this dip is that it is dairy-free and gluten-free too. And it is full of foods high in potassium.

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