What Is Real Food?

This video is of me showing what I feel is Real Food VS NOT Real Food. 

Real Food Feeds and Nourishes You

You might have your own definition of Real Food which will depend upon what you want or need in your life.
You may crave energy.  You may want strength.  […]

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Delicious Winter Grapefruit Green Smoothie

How about having a colourful grapefruit green smoothie for breakfast filled with nutritious greens, grapefruit, orange and flax seeds? Being warm, it is great for the winter and also helps with weight loss. This nutritious smoothie is very filling too.


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Chinese Year of the Lucky Prosperous Dog

Yes, this is the Chinese year of the prosperous dog!  Time for us to become prosperous in all ways, not just money, although lots of money is a good thing too. We know that a dog is a loyal companion who is always happy to see us.  They are also independent, sincere, and decisive, and […]

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Yummy Mandarin Orange Green Smoothie is Easy to Make

This mandarin orange green smoothie super easy to make with only three main ingredients.  There’s not much shopping to do. I love a green smoothie for breakfast. Try one yourself. Learn 10 Reasons to Eat Green Smoothies.

Mandarin Orange Green Smoothie


2 – 3 Mandarin Oranges, peeled and sectioned
1 cup Kale or Baby Spinach
1/2 Avocado
A […]

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You Can Relieve Stress with An Easy Breathing Exercise

We all know that life has stressful moments and learning how to relieve it with an easy breathing exercise can be very helpful.  We all remember when we were in very stressed, hearing a friend say “Breathe” and knowing that is what we need to do.

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Easy to Make Yummy Millet Pecan Pudding (Vegan and Sugar-free)

Once you have cooked the millet, this Millet Pecan Pudding is very simple to make.  It is for sure tasty and so healthy without sugar so you can have it for breakfast. And it has no milk which makes it a great vegan dessert. […]

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