Stop The Environment Guilt! Easy Solutions For Earth Day Today

Earth Day often comes with environmental guilt about how you affect the environment. You are probably genuine in your desire to make a positive difference, yet it can be overwhelming when the changes you are to make include buying a hybrid car or riding a bike to work.

Earth Day environmental guilt

You don’t have to change your whole way of living to make a big impact for earth day. I’m going to talk about products for cleaning your home.  You may already know you can use simple solutions like vinegar and water. I’d like to share “state of the art” science solutions that are easy and save you money. First, let’s look at why it’s important to make these simple changes to avoid environmental guilt.

There are 1,000’s of chemicals in home cleaning products we use today.

Every day the United States produces or imports 42 billion pounds of chemicals, with 90% procured from non-renewable fossil fuels. This is the equivalent of 623,000 gasoline tanker trucks each carrying 8,000 gallons which is very destructive for the earth. On this Earth Day let’s make a change.

  •  Scientific research links exposure to toxic chemicals to many diseases that plague humans.
  • Under North America’s current approach to toxic chemicals management, the majority of chemicals on the market has never been, and never will be, assessed for their potential effects on human health.”
  • Illnesses linked to chemical exposure include several forms of cancer, reproductive problems and birth defects, respiratory illnesses such as asthma, and other disorders such as ADHD.
  • There is no legislation designating what is ‘green’ or ‘natural’ so even when you think you are buying non-toxic it’s difficult to know for sure. In 2007, Terrachoice (the company that runs Environment Canada’s certification program) surveyed products in six leading big box stores. Of the 1,018 products bearing environmental claims, a whopping 99% were guilty of some sort of greenwashing sin.

Your Home Safe Cleaning Supply List:

  • Reusable Microfiber cloths for all purpose cleaning of surfaces, counter tops, showers, tubs, windows and all you need is water. “Created by Scientists in early 1990’s to combat superbugs”. Be sure to purchase good quality ones, some have silver in the fibers that destroy bacteria.
  • Reusable Microfiber mops for your floors and walls.
  • A steamer is a great eco-friendly way to clean with water and you can add that vinegar if you so desire. These are great for hard to clean corners in showers, baseboards, toilets, sink edges and stoves.
  • Enzyme cleaners come in odour eliminators, carpet cleaners, oven cleaners, oil cleaners. (see more about enzymes below). They usually come in handy spray bottles and are easy to use.
  • A tip from says replace any cleaning product with the skull and crossbones with baking soda, vinegar and water.
  • Replace disposable products in your home with reusable ones. Every time you use a disposable wipe in your home it is money going down the drain or into the landfill.

So where do you find these products?

Microfiber cloths can be purchased in grocery and hardware stores. The higher quality ones can be purchased through home-based businesses and on line.

  • Steamers are available at most hardware stores. I use the handheld Succinct model but there are many good quality ones.
  • Enzyme cleaners generally come in handy spray containers. You can purchase these cleaners from Enzyme and

How Do Enzymes Work?

Enzymes come from nature and are in all living things. So scientists find the right enzyme for the job we need them to do and when they are done they just turn into water and carbon, harmless to us and the environment. It’s a win-win all around and they actually work much better than any chemical combination you can come up with because they just keep working until the job is done. They are using nature’s natural process of decomposing – even our own bodies have enzymes.

Enzymes break down proteins of foods, oils, starch, body bacteria, odours, urine, blood, calcium, organic matter and reduce the source to carbon dioxide and water.  It sounds amazing and is truly state of the art.

Let’s help earth day today and not continue with environmental guilt.

Stop the guilt and consider even one solution I have mentioned, it does take time and effort to make any change but the earth and your health will thank you.

Carla Janzen can help you live a greener life with safe home cleaning products. She has raised two children with asthma and allergies and is passionate about inspiring you to make positive change for yourself and your world.  Sign up for Carla’s monthly e-zine stuffed full of home safe cleaning tips

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