Meals in Minutes…..I’m Hungry!

Having meals in minutes is an important thing in my life.  When I want to eat I want to eat within minutes so no fussing about and waiting 45 minutes for something to cook. I am hungry and simply would like to eat and something healthy is important to me.

At Real Food for Life we know we want to eat a healthy meal but there are times when we just don’t want to cook or if you do it has to be fast.  We just want to eat within the next few minutes. I would like to begin a discussion where we share our recipes and tips.

Meals in Minutes

TIP: Clean All Fruits & Vegetables Before Storing

One of the things I do to save time is clean all of my fruits & vegetables with fruit and veggie rinse before I store them in the fridge, so when I want one of them quickly it is one less thing to do.

This may sound like a lot of work or being ‘fussy’ but really it saves you a lot of work in the end and it saves you time when you need it the most.  Just do the math. Instead of spending 5-10 minutes each meal pulling out small amounts of food and cleaning them you spend just 10 minutes ONCE a week!


Here’s one great cooking tip and recipe – please share yours.


Here are some guidelines for the recipe you can share.  Please share a tip or recipe that is:

  • Healthy (no heavily processed packaged food, not microwaved, no chemicals and is mostly whole food)
  • Vegan and gluten-free ingredients because all the recipes on this site are.
  • Tastes good.
  • Ready to eat within a few minutes because when I want to eat I want to eat now not wait even for 15 – 30 minutes.

I will start.

Here is one of my favorite quick, easy and nutritious sandwiches.

Tempeh or Tofu Sandwich

For the simplest,  use tempeh or tofu from the health food store already marinated or one that you have already marinated. Brush both sides with sesame oil, then either sauté or grill on both sides till golden brown.

This then becomes the main ingredient for the sandwich, put on a slice of bread ( I use rice bread), spread some mustard if you like or some healthy mayo. On top of that put a few leaves of lettuce, slices of cucumber and/or tomato. Then just put the other slice of bread on top and you get a yummy healthy sandwich.

Here are 10 More Meals In Minutes

meals in minutes
Easy Peasy Green Pea Soup Is Especially Delicious

Easy Peasy Green Pea Soup Is Especially Delicious – This green pea soup really is yummy and it is a super easy soup to make. Hearing me say that frozen peas taste good is amazing; as I don’t even like to eat frozen peas. But this creamy green pea soup is really delicious and within a week I had it twice!

Cream of Asparagus Soup Is Delicious -This cream of asparagus soup is dairy-free and gluten-free. It is delicious and simple to make. A creamy soup that is vegan is not so common and that makes this soup extra special. If you enjoy soup and asparagus then this is a very good recipe to make. I love it.

Delicious Mandarin Orange Kale Salad – This mandarin orange kale salad is a smart tasty way to get some healthy greens into a meal. Adding the mandarins along with the sweet bell peppers makes this a very healthy and tasty salad.

Arugula Salad
Tasty Arugula Salad with Pecans


Salad with Grapes and Avocado Is Very Healthy and Tasty – This green salad with grapes and avocado makes a delicious refreshing lunch or as a first course for a bigger meal. It is very nutritious with all the greens.  Adding the grapes gives it a sweetness and the avocado a creaminess. YUM!

Tasty Arugula Salad with Pecans – This arugula salad is extra delicious with the addition of pecans.  Yum! All the ingredients in this salad are healthy and so it is very good for you.  A salad a day is always a good idea as it is a way to get more vegetables into our diet.

Delicious Winter Grapefruit Green Smoothie –  How about having a colourful grapefruit green smoothie for breakfast filled with nutritious greens, grapefruit, orange and flax seeds? Being warm, it is great for the winter and also helps with weight loss. This nutritious smoothie is very filling too.

Yummy Mandarin Orange Green Smoothie is Easy to Make – This mandarin orange green smoothie super easy to make with only three main ingredients.  There’s not much shopping to do. I love a green smoothie for breakfast. Try one yourself

Grape Green Smoothie is So Delicious and Nutritious -This grape green smoothie with banana is sweet, filled with healthy ingredients and very filling. It makes a great breakfast to start your day. Grapes are full of healthy benefits for your body. Sweet juicy red, green or purple grapes are delicious and have so much to offer our body. This tiny fruit superfood has been found to help keep our heart strong, improve our memory, and have an ingredient to assist the ‘fountain of youth’

Grape Green Smoothie
Delicious Grape Green Smoothie

Tasty Vegan Sandwich with Avocado, Cucumber and Pumpkin Seeds – This vegan sandwich is great for a quick simple lunch or snack, some even like it for breakfast. The avocado adds creaminess, the cucumber is juicy and the pumpkin seeds add a salty crunch. It is so tasty and I like how easy it is to make.

Tasty Radish Sandwich – This radish sandwich makes a simple and quick lunch or snack. You can use gluten-free bread or a rice cake.

Now, there you are a few meals in minutes. I look forward to seeing what you make.

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7 thoughts on “Meals in Minutes…..I’m Hungry!”

  1. I’m really interested in this post because I NEVER have enough time to make the meals I would like. I am enclosing a another tofu recipe that again takes about 3 minutes. It tastes GREAT!

    Tofu Stroganoff


    Sunflower seed Butter – heaping tablespoon
    Shiro Miso – heaping tablespoon
    Tofu 1 cup
    Curry spice 1 teaspoon

    Heat up the sunflower seed butter in a pan with just enough water to make it into the consistency of a thin sauce.
    Mix in the spice and miso and keep heating
    Add the tofu cut up into small cubes and heat.

    Note: I use Shiro miso because it is SWEET. Substitute as you like. The curry spice is not necessary but does add some zing. A little black pepper might also work.

    Add a salad or steamed vegetables or rice if you wish.

  2. Frances sitek

    I like a bowl of cereal as a snack in the late afternoon. I pour the almond milk in first, mix in some plain NuPlus, then pour in the cereal–Nature’s Path brand, organic and ancient grains.

  3. Trudy Stoelting

    Our favorite quick meal is:
    1 Can of any kind of beans (Kidney, black, pinto, garbanzo etc.)heated on the stove with 2 TbSP of hot salsa
    On a plate put a hand full of oven baked corn chips
    divide the bean mixure into two and put your portion on top of your corn chips.
    Top with salad greens and any other salad stuff you want to add.
    Drizzle olive oil and lemon juice dressing over and enjoy!
    So simple and simply delicious

  4. How do you store washed greens to prevent slime ?
    I wrap in clean tea towels but still this happens some times.

  5. Hi Annie, fun to see you here!
    I use a salad spinner, make sure everything is very dry and then put it all in either a glass or plastic container.

  6. Vegan Corn Chowder

    2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    1 small onion, finely chopped
    1 cup celery, finely chopped
    1 carrot, finely chopped
    1 clove garlic, minced
    1 cup water
    2 cups corn (fresh or frozen…not canned!)
    2 cups almond milk
    1 tablespoon Braggs
    handful of fresh parsley, chopped
    Black pepper
    1.  Saute onions and celery in vegetable oil until just slightly golden; then add garlic sauté till golden.
    2.  Add water and bring water to a boil, stir in Braggs, and reduce heat to medium.
    3.  Add corn and celery/onion/carrot mixture.
    4.  Cook until vegetables are tender.
    5.  Add more water, if necessary.
    6.  Reduce heat to low, and pour in 2 cups soy milk.
    7.  Stir constantly until hot (3-5 minutes)
    8.  Stir in parsley and pepper to taste.

  7. This is very good and a favorite of mine.

    Tofu with Vegetables and Almond Cream

    1 sm onion finely chopped
    1 pkg medium firm tofu, sliced into cubes
    1 large zucchini, sliced in rounds, ½ inch thick
    1 large tomato, chopped
    2 handfuls of spinach
    1/2 cup almond butter (add water and stir till thick and creamy)
    1 – 2 inches fresh ginger, chopped very finely
    Ghee or almond oil
    Braggs seasoning

    1.  Sauté on medium heat in ghee or oil: tofu, onions, ginger and zucchini till golden.
    2.  Spray with Braggs and sauté for a few more minutes.
    3.  Then add spinach and tomatoes and cover, cooking for a 2 minutes.
    4.  Take of heat and add almond cream, mixing in.
    5.  Serve on top of brown basmati rice that you have left over from yesterday or with brown rice pasta that you cook while making the tofu dish.

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