Vitamins & Minerals are Useless Without this Nutrient

apple1Did you know that Life could not exist without enzymes?

Enzymes make life possible as they are needed for every chemical activity that occurs in your body. They are the laborers that build your body using the building materials vitamins, minerals, and hormones. Without enzymes…no activity will happen.

Many of us know that consuming food requires enzyme action to digest, but did you know that our breathing, sleeping, and even thinking are enzyme- dependent. Enzymes are found in all living cells, animal and plant. They are energized molecules that are necessary for every biochemical activity that goes on in the body. Enzymes unlock the energy in the body and turn food into energy

At birth we begin with a certain enzyme potential. The quicker you use up your enzyme potential, the sooner you will be unable to create enzymes. University experiments have shown that the faster the metabolic rate, the shorter the lifespan of any species. The bottom line is: you will live as long as your body is able to make enzymes.

We limit our supply by cooking our food; at 212 degrees, 100% of the enzymes are destroyed.

COOKING FOOD does DESTROYS ENZYMES. Often cooked food is rendered almost useless to the body.

Here is what happens when we cook food:
Protein becomes coagulated, making it indigestible (studies suggest that cooked proteins are up to 50% less likely to be utilized by the body.)
• 30% to 50% of the vitamins and minerals have been destroyed (we lose up to 97% of the water soluble vitamins (Vitamins B & C) and up to 40% of the lipid soluble vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E & K).
• 100% of its enzymes have been destroyed; these are needed for every metabolic action in the body.
• The immune system is compromised when cooked foods are consumed.  The body goes into defense mode by creating lots of white blood cells to fight the toxic effects of cooked food. Thus exhausting the body’s strength.
• Cooked foods ferment causing them to putrefy in the intestinal tract creating Candida and body odor as it eliminates.

Having a diet rich in enzyme forming food (raw foods) allows us to receive an abundance of ALL types of enzymes.
Here is how to get more enzymes into your body:
• Eat raw vegetables and fruit as they are rich in enzymes.
• Include sprouted seeds, grains, and legumes as they are the most enzyme rich foods; the sprouting process increases the enzymes.
• When cooking food, it is best to lightly steam, stew, or use a slow cooker.
• For the first course before a cooked meal; eat a salad which is enzyme rich.
• Eliminate processed and over cooked foods.
• Consume at least 50% of your food raw.

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