What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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I was shocked when I saw this two page advertisement in the National Geographic.  I’ve taught the regenerative approach to health for over 25 years and this is what I find in a very popular magazine.  Although they use the same words I have used (like natural) they come up with very different conclusions. The shocking part was in the explanation on the next page….

It reads…….. Greg Pfaff, Deli Owner,  Taking Insulin since 2003.

“I tried to mange my type 2 diabetes with diet, exercise, and pills, so when my doctor said I should add insulin to my therapy, I felt like I’d failed.  But he said adding insulin is just replacing what your body should make naturally, and it unlocks your cells so sugar can get into make energy. Millions of people with diabetes take insulin every day to help reach their blood sugar goals. That’s not failure – it’s success. Now when I look at my blood sugar numbers, I have only one regret: that I didn’t add insulin sooner.”  RETHINK INSULIN  (my bold)

From what I can tell, a one page add in the US costs $185,480.00  US.  This was a two page add with a pull out coupon.

What’s do YOU think about this add?  I’m really interested in your opinion.  You can leave your comments below.   I’ll add mine later but I wanted to give you a chance to express also.]

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5 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. Kevin Parkinson


    Well darn it, if diabetes is in fact a disease where the body is not able to produce enough insulin naturally yet the body is made to be able to make it naturally, why don’t doctors focus on the healing of the systems in the body that have the lack ( most likely the digestive and immune systems) instead of feeding the body chemically processed insulin which does not help the body to get better at producing its own insulin?

    I don’t really like the ad; it seems like they are pushing the belief that insulin injections for people with diabetes is the only choice.

    Kevin Parkinson

  2. Trudy Stoelting

    I have been living with a full-blown diabetic for 20 years. Believe me, if he could, he would not choose insulin, but at least he is alive to continue to regenerate with Sunrider foods, while taking insulin to survive!
    There is a time and a purpose for all things.

  3. Just one more indicator of the drug companies taking a greater hold on our psyches … making us think its OK to be taking their products. Has anyone else noticed an increase in the number of people around them, who are being diagnosed with diabetes and seemingly at younger and younger ages?

    Many of us in the alternative health industry know that the body (pancreas included), can in fact, regenerate itself and that many diabetics have reduced and/or eliminated their insulin usage by proper whole food nutritional programs. Most though become entwined in the current traditional medical wisdom and only come to look at alternatives when the medical system fails them. And THEN it is usually extremely difficult recreate optimum health when coming from such a weakened state.

    My sense also is that the standard/level for prescribing insulin whether by pills or by injection has been lowered considerably. the whole thing makes me even more wary of the drug/medical industry.

  4. Alpha Harper

    I was a gestational diabetic almost 19 years ago, the medical staff stuck me in a very small room and worked on brainwashing me to believe that this was my future . During those ten days before the birth of my son I fought to keep my blood sugars in a normal range. By checking my blood sugar 6 times each day and taking insulin injections 4 times; we managed to give my baby the chance that he needed to be ok. and thankfully he is still doing well and so am I . no insulin here and a very modified diet such as no wheat, no sugar no dairy and lots of whloefoods.

  5. Thanks everyone for commenting on what turns out to be a controversial topic.

    For myself, I wasn’t reacting to the topic of insulin and diabetes but rather to the add’s line of persuasion. It seems that the add is NOT targeted to people who really need insulin – like Alpha or Trudy’s husband, Rye, (for which we are truly thankful) but rather at the huge population that don’t want to go to the effort of exercising and changing their diets. They use then fuzzy logic to conclude that this is OK or as Kevin commented, it is their only choice.

    The fuzzy logic involves saying that because a drug ends up doing a function in the body that is ‘natural’ then that drug is OK. The trouble with this is that EVERY time you substitute a function in the body it HAS to substitute a ‘natural’ function or that intervention would have no effect. Following their logic, taking cocaine or heroin drugs is fine because the brain already produces those highs and lows in small amounts, or it is fine to sit in a wheelchair and substitute walking with someone pushing you around because ‘walking is something that the body does naturally’. The usual long term results of ‘substituting something natural’ in the body is to create dependency and weakness. Many times this is absolutely necessary but lets not promote it to people for whom it is not.

    I also react like Anne to the number of adds encouraging us to encourage our doctors to give us specific drugs. Doctors are trained to evaluate the benefits of drugs against the dangers but the general population is not and only sees easy magic bullet solutions to their complicated big problems. Also the people who wrote this add were not health professionals or health advocates but rather professional marketers who know how to persuade.

    Also thanks for everyone NOT teasing me for the 3 or 4 spelling mistakes in the article!

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