Learn How Cooking Beans the Right Way Means They are Gas Free

I am quite fastidious about cooking beans and lentils as I do not like experiencing the common thing we all associate beans with…GAS! I now feel good after eating beans and lentils because there is not all that gas and smelly farts.

How To Cook Beans

Beans can be challenging to the digestive system due to their high fiber and starch.

Learn 7 Ways To Avoid Gas from Beans.

Beans are very healthy; they have a good amount of protein in them. But when we have digestive problems with them like getting gas then what is happening is that they are not being digested properly. Thus we will not be getting all the nutrients from them. Another reason it is important to know ‘How to Cook Beans’.

Gas From Beans

Here is some information about a few of my favourite beans and why it is good to eat them.

Delicious chickpeas also known as garbanzo beans are a superfood full of health benefits and are a culinary healthy treat! Hummus made from them is delicious. Have you ever eaten falafel? Did you know that their main ingredient is chickpeas? Add chickpeas to your salads, soups, and stews adding high nutritional value to your meals and a very good protein too. Learn more: Chickpeas are Full of Amazing Health Benefits

Black Beans are Beautiful and So Good. Rich, earthy black beans are delicious and are filled with health benefits. This superfood has an abundance of nutrients (protein, vitamins, minerals, disease-fighting antioxidants and lots of healthy fiber). Black beans are one of the most commonly consumed beans in the United States and are popular in Latin American countries.

They are a great source of plant-based protein; they are great for people who avoid eating animal products.  1 cup of black beans provides 15.2 grams protein (30%) of fat-burning protein.  Protein is required by nearly every body function. These beans are often eaten with a grain that works together to make up a full protein making them a very good source of protein for vegetarians.

Red, White, Orange and Brown Pulses Are Superfoods Pulses are part of the legume family; they are the dried seed of the legume plants. Pulses are superfoods that come in many shapes, sizes, and colours such as lentils, chickpeas, black beans, and kidney beans to name a few.  Also, they are a great addition to a vegan menu.

The Mighty Lentil – Tiny Superfood. The lentil was selected by Health Magazine as one of the top 5 healthiest foods on the planet!

Lentils are good in so many ways: your body, your blood, your pocketbook, your taste buds, and even the environment. Beans are generally considered a low-cost, healthy alternative to most other protein sources like meat, dairy, and grains.

They are good in so many ways: your body, your blood, your pocketbook, your taste buds, and even the environment. Beans are generally considered a low-cost, healthy alternative to most other protein sources like meat, dairy, and grains.

Now that you know that eating beans and lentils are good for us we know we don’t want the gas from them.

Here is How to Be Cooking Beans

This is so simple to do and for sure worth the extra time it takes to eat gas-free beans and lentils.

The first very important thing to do is to wash the beans or lentils with cold water and then soak them overnight in three times the amount of water.

Soaking beans before cooking
Beans soaking in water before cooking

Now let them soak overnight.

Beans soaking overnight

Now they are ready for you to cook them.

cooking lentils and beans
Cooking lentils

Here are more details on How Cooking Beans properly is healthy.

How to Cook Beans & Lentils

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Author Diana Herrington


  • Dried Beans or Lentils
  • Water


  • Wash the beans or lentils in cold water and soak them overnight in three times the volume of water.
  • The next day, pour off the water.
  • Place them in a pot and cover with water 1 inch above the level of the beans or lentils.
  • Bring the pot with the beans to a boil. Let them simmer with the lid ajar.
  • Skim off the foam. Add more water to the pot if necessary.
  • Beans and lentils should always be covered with water while they are cooking. The cooking time will vary according to the type, size, and age of the bean or lentil.
  • Most beans will need approximately 2 hours of cooking time.
  • Lentils will take between 30 minutes to one hour.
  • Beans or lentils should be soft when they are fully cooked.  This is the stage that you can add salt, other seasonings, and vegetables.


Do not add salt while cooking, only add it when they are fully cooked as that will stop them from getting soft.

Now that you have learned how to be cooking beans, you are ready for some bean recipes.

Here are some very tasty vegan bean and lentil recipes:

Chili con Vege – This is my very tasty Vegan Chili recipe which is always enjoyed whenever I serve it. It is very healthy and it is vegan and gluten-free too.Black Bean Soup

 Black Bean Soup is Really Good For You On a Cold Day – This black bean soup is so tasty and nutritious. It is warming on a cold fall or winter day. It is easy to make and filled with nutritious superfood ingredients. Black beans are my favourite bean. Let’s not forget that this stew is full of protein which is from the beans.

White Bean Vegetable Stew – How about a very yummy, healthy protein meal filled with vegetables. This stew is high in potassium for those of you who need a boost in that area.  Also, half a cup of white beans is loaded with close to 100 mg of calcium.

 Red Lentil Soup Recipe Is Healthy and Delicious – This red lentil soup is so easy to make and is filled with healthy superfoods. You will be amazed by the great taste and how easy it is to make. It’s truly unique!

Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus is a Delicious Dip

 Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus  Try this creamy traditional Middle Eastern Hummus dip; it is a blend of garbanzo beans, garlic, olive oil, and tahini. A great dip for a party or picnic. Who doesn’t enjoy delicious hummus? The other great thing about this dip is that it is dairy-free and gluten-free too.

 Creamy Chickpea and Rice Pie This chickpea pie is a very tasty meal that does take a little extra time to prepare but it is worth it. The great news is that it is dairy-free meaning it is vegan and gluten-free too!

Creamy Butter Bean Dip – This butter bean dip is a very tasty, healthy and vegan.  The creamy texture makes it good for as a dip. Also, very easy to make.

Adzuki Vegetable Bean Stew – This is a simple recipe with one of the easiest-to-digest beans; adzuki beans. I love Adzuki beans and this tasty stew is filling and delicious.

White Bean and Asparagus Stew – I created this White Bean and Asparagus Stew recipe out for the first time on two dinner guests.  The good news is that they loved it and wanted the recipe. It is very tasty.

Lentil Stew is Nutritious, Full of Superfoods and Is Tasty – Lentil stew has all the benefits of the mighty superfood lentils which are full of protein plus many more nutritious vegetables. And it is a tasty meal.

Delicious Black Bean Stew – This black bean stew is so good for a cold fall or winter day. It is delicious and easy to make and filled with nutritious superfood ingredients. Black beans are a favourite bean of mine. Let’s not forget that this stew is full of protein which is from the beans. Do cook the beans so they are not gassy.

Red Lentil Soup – This is an easy superfood soup to make. You will be amazed by the great taste. It’s truly unique!


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29 thoughts on “Learn How Cooking Beans the Right Way Means They are Gas Free”

  1. Thank you for the great info again. I do love to eat beans and I'm getting used to them. My heath has improved and I'm taking less medicines.  I've lost weight and feeling good, (I do eat lots more veggies too). 
    Thank you again. Henna

    1. I Made some Pinto beans today followed cooking advice on as outlined on electric stove beans come out really good added some seasoning after cooking, pan fried grass fed pork, after wards drained off grease and added many vegetables and simmer again, afterwards added vegies and pork to beans tasted outstanding. Made some pasta noodles thinking of adding beans to noodles. My question is , is this a healthy way of adding more nutritious food and an easier digestion on your system i read an article that potatoes with beans don’t do well with digestion some feed back please?

  2. That is great to hear Henna. I love beans too. I made a big pot of my Chili con Vege this week and it was sooooo good. Filling is with the veges makes all the difference. Yes when we eat in a healthier way; we simply become slender.

  3. The way I remove gas from beans is to add baking soda to the water they are soaking in.  If you forget, you can also put baking soda in the pot while the beans are baking. 

  4. The use of baking soda in any kind of beans in NOT good as it destroys the nutrients.

    The above method of soaking for 8 to 12 hours is enough time to change the carbohydrates to much more digestible form.

  5. How would pressure cooking effect this process?
    I have been having heaps of canned beans and have awful painful gas so hoped if I cooked them at home this would improve but it is time consuming.

    1. Rimutaka, I do not use a pressure cooker so cannot comment. It does concern me that perhaps some of the good details of cooking them as I suggest will get lost like skimming the foam. Cook them as I suggest the first time. Another think to look at how you are eating beans. Read https://www.realfoodforlife.com/beans

  6. I once heard that putting a bit of white vinegar when cooking beans prevented Gas. Any comments?

    1. CV, When beans are cooked correctly and eaten with the right foods they are very edible. For some people it can take a while to get the body to a place where it is able to digest them I would not soak or cook dry beans in anything other than fresh, cold water. Salt and acidic ingredients like tomatoes, citrus juice, vinegar, wine, or mustard inhibit the absorption of liquid and stop the softening process. Once this happens, the beans will not soften. Another tip I just learned is that is is best to increase soaking and cooking times when using hard water.

  7. If you cook the beans just so it’s ready and soft is better for gas or should beans over cook so the gas is less in the beans?

  8. Catherine Khamis

    I always soak and cook more beans than I need. I then put measured portions of the beans into plastic containers and freeze. I then have beans ready prepared when time is short.

  9. Linda G. Palmer

    Does adding carrots to beans help with getting rid of gas. What about adding parsley, Bay leaves? Love those beans. Will try all suggestions. Or just live with gas.

  10. I eat legumes every day. I soak it for 12 hours over night and discard the soaking weather.Then I pressure cook the beans with chopped ginger garlic and turmeric. This gets rid of gas. When we cook further with Garam Masala That has fennel,cumin etc. all of them drive away the gas. Now a days I cook it in instant pot.it is excellent for pressure cooking.beans has to be more cooked than al dente’. It only takes 30 mats in instant pot and another 20 mats for the pressure to release naturally.

        1. Diana Herrington

          Betty, frozen peas are best simply steamed for a few minutes as they are not they do not need more thorough cooking like dried lentils and peas.

  11. Thanks for the information on cooking beans. I was wondering if sweet potatoes or yams also conflict with the digestion of beans as you indicated they do with potatoes?

  12. A comprehensive site about consuming beans. I like beans but worried about the winds. Hope this will help and will try the recipe. Thank you

  13. Really, I don’t like most of vegan recipes.
    they have processed and industrial products,
    and many a time use elements of unknown origin.
    Many animals and enviroment is destroyed in order to make them available for you…
    So what’s the point?

  14. Reading this has been very educational for me since I am looking for a reliable source of protein and want gluten free, fat free ways to increase my protein and reduce carbs. Is there a book you recommend for someone who has no background in BEANS or legumes?

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