We all know our bodies need ENOUGH water but HOW we drink our water can also have a big effect on our health.

Proper drinking of water can help with good digestion and also acid/alkaline balance. Either of these can make the difference between you enjoying good health and suffering!

1.  First thing in the morning: drink 2-3 cups of pure warm water or room temperature after your night of fasting.

  • Drink as much as feels good. If you feel nauseous do not continue to drink.
  • It is important that the water has nothing in it so that is passes through right away. If it contains anything at all (not even lemon juice), it will stay in your stomach up to one hour not going into cleansing mode.
  • The water will flush your kidneys and bladder clean out fasting debris from your stomach and colon.
  • Prepares the stomach for food by stimulating the glands on its walls. Drink warm or hot water as it is gentler on the empty stomach.

drinking warm tea

2.  This water should be warm, not hot and not cold. Cold water is shocking to a warm stomach. In fact very hot or very cold is never a good idea. Those who continually drink very hot drinks are more likely to develop throat cancer and digestive difficulties.
“Very cold, or very hot drinks are not usually good for the digestive system at any time. When they vary too greatly from body temperatures, they may cause shock to the system. Dentists warn against very cold food or liquids on the teeth. Physicians note that those who are habituated to very hot drinks are more likely to develop throat cancer and digestive difficulties.” – Dr. Raymond Moore

3.  Avoid  drinking  right before a meal. Drink between meals if needed but wait for 1 – 2 hours before drinking anything.

4.  For those with any constipation problems it is useful to drink 1 or 2 cups of warm water before bed.

5.  Tap water has chemicals added it is best to drink purified water. Chlorinated water can destroy nutrients your body needs, such as Vitamin A, B, C and E and fatty acids. Some chronic skin conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis may clear up or improve by simply switching to unchlorinated drinking water. Buy a  good filter. They don’t have to be expensive.

alkaline clean safe water

6.  Eliminate plastic bottles, pour your water in a glass or metal bottle, so it’ll be free of plastic contaminants.

7.  Slowly decrease the amount of packaged juices you drink while increasing water intake. Fresh juice is fine to drink. Packaged juices tend to have chemicals that are deposited in our bodies with detrimental health effects.

8.  Eliminate soft drinks as they tend to have acid content that negatively impacts the teeth and mouth.

9. Herbal teas are acceptable to include its volume as part of the water quota to be drunk at that time.