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Junk food is destroying both our bodies and the environment.  Here are the facts and the solutions.

Animals in the wild don’t have to stop to think about what would be good to eat.  A sparrow knows exactly what to eat.
Animals eat real food without adding waste to the environment and it is best if we did too.

We are Junk Food Consumers! We are addicted to junk food:

  • Americans spend almost 46 percent of their food budget on restaurants and take-out.
  • More than 2 million California adolescents (62 percent) drink soda and 1.4 million (43 percent) eat fast food, every single day according to the policy brief, “Teen Dietary Habits Related to Those of Parents.”
  • Which ever city road you drive down; you will see more fast food restaurants than any other business.
  • Junk food it placed eye-level right next to the check out of any store.
  • Vending machines filled with junk food are everywhere.
  • Junk  food is high in sugar, dumb carbs, and chemicals. It supplies few nutrients. That is why it is called junk.

Junk food has finally made it to even India.  Junk food in India

Junk Food is Destroying our Health

We already know junk food is unhealthy. Read these statistics:  The Deadly Consequences of Our Eating Habits.

We even PROMOTE our unhealthy food as in the name of this restaurant… The Heart Attack Grill. Read about this in Would You Eat This Meal? The Heart Attack Grill Kills

Even politicians recognize the costs of junk food:   Did Coke Make America Fat?

Heart Attack Grill

Read the cost to our environment next page:

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I am the Founder and Author at Real Food For Life. Have been teaching cooking classes worldwide since 1982. Create original, healthy recipes and menus, which are gluten free and white sugar free. Also, the author of the GREEN means LEAN and Balance Your Body e-books. I turned a debilitating health crisis into a passion for helping others with healthy, sugar free, gluten free eating and cooking.


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