Eating Madness – Diana’s short rant!

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I don’t want to draw too much attention to this topic but the
following two videos really irritate me. I have to say something!

I can hardly believe that people are making a business out of this.

In this  “A Meal To Die For” video by CBS,  Bill Geist visits the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Arizona, where you can indulge in the most fatty, unhealthy  meals imaginable.

Warning: this video may be disturbing.

A Meal To Die For

Really!?!?! What is the point of a meal to die for?

For a few moments of gratification; is it really worth it?  Some people may think that this kind of indulgence is OK once and a while but as you will read in Sarah Parson’s article – that is playing with fire..

The Heart Attack Grill Diet Program Can Change Your Life!

Yes this a joke, but what what they are promoting is not! And yes it can change your life….scary. As if that were not bad enough, read what they are doing below.

Obese People Eat for Free at the Heart Attack Grill by Sarah Parsons

“You wouldn’t hand heroin to a recovering drug addict. Nor would you drive someone with a gambling problem to a casino and give him or her a stack of chips. Yet one Arizona restaurant is doing something similar — offering free greasy burgers and lard-soaked fries to anyone weighing in at more than 350 pounds.”

For the full article go to: EatforFreeatHeartAttackGrill

I encourage you to sign the petition on Sarah’s page.

I definitely would NOT die for this meal!  What about you?  Let me know what you think below.

Written by Diana Herrington

Moral Bankruptcy:  

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) told the Heart Attack Grill last month that it should declare moral bankruptcy and close up shop—or transform its menu.

The letter was sent after the hospitalization of a man eating a “Triple Bypass Burger” and the death of the restaurant’s 575-pound spokesman.

 Read About it Here:  Physician Call to Shut it Down