Vibrant Purple Eggplant with its Unique Taste is So Healthy

Beautiful glossy deep purple eggplant has a unique taste and texture.  The first time I saw one was at a European market shop decades ago. It was so beautiful that I bought one and put it on the counter for a couple of days to enjoy its beauty before finding a recipe.

Tofu health benefits

Tofu Health Benefits Are Many Making It A Great Superfood for Dinner!

When tofu in the west became popular, it was believed to be full of health benefits so very good for us.  Later it was reported to be bad for us!  Tofu has had a bad rap because it is made from soy.  If it really isn’t good for us, then why are the Japanese who eat lots of tofu have the highest life expectancy in the world?

Energizing Peppermint is Full of Health Benefits for You

Cool fresh peppermint with its stimulating aroma is a popular flavouring for gum, toothpaste, and tea.  Also, it is full of many health benefits from helping with digestion to increasing memory. Did you know it helps keep mosquitos away too?  I always grow mint in my garden for salads, teas, and smoothies.


Cauliflower is Full of Amazing Health Benefits

Nutritious cauliflower is full of amazing health benefits that help in preventing cancer, protecting the eyes, and even helps with weight loss. It is one of the top 30 powerfood vegetables. This is because it has so many health benefits for the body.

Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts are Delicious and Absolutely Nutritious

Fancy, tiny pine nuts are delicious with a buttery taste adding a sweet crunch to meals. Sprinkle them on salads, on vegetables and make tasty pesto with them adding nutrition and health benefits to your meal. 

Potatoes Good for You!

Potatoes are Surprisingly Good for You!

Potatoes are more than a comfort food; they are in fact full of nutrients and have many health benefits.  We mostly think potatoes as a fattening food but according to studies, we have learned that you can lose gain weight eating them.


Fresh Grapes Are So Good for You

Sweet juicy grapes are delicious and has been found to help keep our heart strong, improve our memory, and have an ingredient for the ‘fountain of youth’.