Freezing Stewed Tomatoes (with their skins)

You can freeze stewed tomatoes as well as raw tomatoes.


Ripe Tomatoes are best


  1. Remove stem ends and quarter ripe tomatoes.
  2. Put in sauce pan that has a lid.
  3. Cover and cook until tender (10 to 20 minutes).
  4. Cool completely, and then pour into jars leaving headspace. For a quart jar of liquid, leave at least an inch empty at the top. If you don’t the jar could break.
  5. Seal and freeze.

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1 thought on “Freezing Stewed Tomatoes (with their skins)”

  1. Wow this is an awesome way, I have always froze the tomatoes with skin. From now on I will try to stew them and put in a jar to freeze.

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