Randy Tries Dr. Oz’s Banana Conditioner

male model for banana conditioner

After Washing and Drying My Hair:  

I had NO problem getting the banana out.
The next time I think I will add a tbs of olive oil.
I really don’t know if I had troubled hair before but I think I look pretty good now!

What do you think?  Any improvement? 


p.s.  to read all the other great benefits of bananas click here:   Bananas: Healthy, Silly and Sexy

 p.s.s. Banana Pudding  fast, easy and tasty  

vital healt assessment

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12 thoughts on “Randy Tries Dr. Oz’s Banana Conditioner”

  1. I’m putting this on my husband’s head right away. Thank you in advance. I’d better put some on me too now that I think of it.

  2. Thanks Jean and Caroline!

    Linda one small hint if you want good results.
    Both the banana I used and the banana I ate were ORGANIC.
    Also I’m naturally healthy and handsome to begin with, so as you can see, the change was very small and subtle!

  3. Looks great – sure made your hair grow. Maybe I will try it when I have some left over bananas.

  4. Love it. Like the fun down to earth” before” picture guy not the photo shop “after” guy. After guy would spend too much time with his bananas!!

    1. Dear Prasart – Yes this information is serious – except for the last photo. I really didn’t notice a big difference in my hair – good or bad – but I don’t have a lot of attention on it.

    1. Thanks Sarah for the suggestion. Many cultures have used coconut oil on the skin for its healthy effects. Did you warm up the oil a bit to help it mix and spread well?

  5. patchouligirl3@gmail.com

    Randy, what exactly did Dr. Oz say that this banana puree was supposed to accomplish by putting it in your hair?

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