The Thrive video has 1.5 million hits and there probably is a thrive group starting up in your city right now.

 You can watch the video here and I have included my impressions after.

What the He…ck is this?

First I should say that I totally support what the Foster and Kimberly Gamble are trying to do and I accept some of the facts that are presented.

When I first started watching the movie I was sort of skipping though and my first impression was what an incredibly expensive production of a subject that many people try to present but don’t have the expertise or backing. This made me suspicious of what they were selling!

I could not help but initially compare it to “The Secret” .  Millions of people loved this movie for the positive benefits to their lives but many  people saw it more as an an example of brilliant marketing.

What I liked:

I then started at the beginning and find out it is one of the inheritors of the “Proctor and Gamble” fortune who is risking his money and credibility on exposing the massive control on our food, on our health care, our energy, on our money and our education which  are presenting us from thriving. 

I like that he is trying to create grass roots action groups throughout the world who can focus on creating alternatives on any or all of these areas.

What I didn’t like:

What I didn’t like was how soon he got into the ET’s and flying saucers.   I understand that these are connected to his inspiration of the torus structure as a possible area of alternative energy but he does not give any SCIENCE behind the torus shape other than its visual appearance and it being used in a number of early technology situations and in UFO accounts.

He then gets every one of the people he interviews to mime the torus shape and somehow blend it into their explanation but sometimes it is a stretch of the imagination. 

Many of his ‘experts’ were also very dubious.  A major contributor was David Icke who is famous among the conspiracy crowd but the rest of the world thinks he is well….crazy.

All that being said.  “Sign me up”..  I want to help the earth thrive and I think this will at least create some awareness of the situation.

You can see more of what he is proposing at   

Please leave comments what YOU thought of this movie and movement!