Spring Cleanse

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Spring cleanse

Learn How Deep Clean Your Body
And Keep It Clean
From the Comfort of Your Home

This  weekend can change your life!


Dear Health Minded Friend

Spring has sprung and the whole world is surging with new life!
If your life is not blossoming like you feel it should then your body needs a good cleanse.

Unclear thinking, low energy and extra weight are all the result of extra toxins built up over the winter months.
This is the perfect time to get rid of those toxins in a right way.

10 benefits you can expect from doing a ‘Gentle Spring Cleanse’: 

  1. Weight Loss Happens!  Toxins are stored in fat cells. As toxins are eliminated so are fat cells.
  2. Beautiful Skin is healthy skin. Toxins in the body can destroy our skin with pimples etc.
  3. Digestion Works! A clogged digestive system stops doing its job efficiently.
  4. More Energy! As toxic waste leaves the body there can be increased energy.
  5. Breathing is Easier.  The respiratory system is free from being clogged.
  6. Helps Prevent Disease. “By regularly purging the body of unhealthy toxins and waste, you can assist the body’s natural defences and help to prevent disease before it starts.” Dr. Elson Haas
  7. Brain is Clearer.  Improved concentration and mental focus are the result of a cleaner system.
  8. Joints are More Flexible as the toxins are moved on.
  9. Feeling Rejuvenated as the body is renewed.
  10. Being Filled with Motivation and Creativity as you feel lighter and freer.

How The Gentle Spring Cleanse Is Different Than Other Cleanses

  • This cleanse is powerful enough to renew your body but gentle enough to do several times.
  • You will also learn how to eat healthy when you are NOT on the cleanse.
  • Lots of support: If you have questions you will be able to get immediate answers from Diana.
  • Even more support – from the rest of the group doing their cleanse also.
  • Instructions and training both in precise written instruction AND video demonstrations. .
  • All of the weekend’s meals have been planned ahead.
  • You simply login to get all the training from the comfort of  your home.
  • All the meals are easy and simple.
  • All the classes are taped and can be accessed by web at any time.

What’s Going to Happen:

  1. As soon as you register,  you will receive a shopping list of tasty and easy to prepare foods for the weekend. Everything has been figured out for you.
  2. You can choose the weekend of your choice.
  3. You will receive a complete shopping list before the BootCamp.
  4. You will prepare and eat a specialized diet for 2 days for your ‘Spring Cleanse’.
  5. You can know exactly what to do and get feedback on your experiences.
  6. You will be given instructions and suggestions for  after the cleanse.

This will Be Fun: Register below to reserve your spot.

You will have access to the recording at any time.

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We want you to be 100% happy with your BootCamp experience. If for any reason you are not satisfied just contact us within 30 days of the BootCamp and we will refund 100% of your purchase – no questions asked.


Normally a training like this  cost hundred of dollars and take a tremendous investment of time.

Due to our web format, we can offer these for only $59.00 with just a few hours of your time.

May Spring Special   $59.00    ONLY $39.00 until May 20

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