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The 2 – 5 – 30 Healthy Diet

Improve Your Eating Habits Effortlessly

Simplify Your Meal Planning

Lose Weight

Overcome Health Challenges

Four Special 2-5 Diets Over One Month That are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Good Carb meals and recipes
  • Sugar Free, Alkaline and Food Combined
  • Formulated to Create Balance, Strength & Weight Loss
  • And Of Course Very Healthy

What is a 2-5-30 Diet?

2 is for the two days a week you eat a carefully selected menu (diet).
Everyone can handle a diet for just two days!
It is a form of intermittent fasting that has been shown to create amazing results.
You receive a specially prepared shopping list, all the recipes for the 2 days and complete training to do so.

5 is the five days a week you eat whatever you want.
Just eat ‘sensibly’.
All of our lives are jam packed and stressed so you can’t limit your eating all the time.
You may find though, that your tastes change from the previous 2 days to something more healthy.

30 is the 30 days in the month you get classes and support.
Each week for four weeks – the 2 day menu will change for fun & effectiveness.
By the end of the month you will have mastered the skills and knowledge to make a number of extremely healthy meals.

This 4 week course will change your life

Choose The 2-5-30 Course for You Based on the Season you are in right now.

Your body requires different foods and nutrition for different seasons of the year.  You can’t balance and strengthen and lose weight with the same foods in winter as you did in summer.

For whatever part of the world you are and whichever season you are in now -choose the appropriate Course.

1. Winter 2-5-30 Healthy Diet

winter 2-5-30 sunset 250

Follow this link to participate in a FREE Webinar giving you a lot of tips and advise about the best health approach in winter.

This will also explain the Winter 2-5-30 Course You can begin this any time during December and can be done right up until the end of March.

2.  2-5-30   Spring Cleanse

Spring cleanse 2-250

Follow this link to participate in Free Spring Cleanse Webinar. Everything you need to know about detoxing and cleansing!

Both of these webinars explain the upcoming 2-5-30 Spring Cleanse and gives a limited time price discount.

3.  2-5-30  Early Summer Cleanse

To watch an introduction to detoxing in the summer you can watch this taped webinar.

To see details of the advanced course go to:  2-5-30 Early Summer Cleanse.

4. Late Summer 2-5-30 Course

For more information, check out this Free Recorded Webinar.

This included more detoxing and thus some remarkable health and weight loss benefits.

5.  Recorded Fall 2-5-30 Course

This was the last chance to do a cleanse/detox before winter and thus some remarkable health and weight loss benefits.