Tea Party for Balance …in Our Bodies and the Environment!

 The Tea Experience

Can a simple cup of tea change your life?


tea cup

5,000 years of the ancient Chinese health and nutrition knowledge say…. YES.

Saturday, April 17
2 pm – 3:30 pm
4816 – 143 Street   780-988-9174


Speakers for the Afternoon:
Wayne Rogers: Founder of Luminescence Lighting, Edmonton .
Has created natural and efficient lighting in 20 million square feet of commercial and residential space in North America since 1987. 
He will be talking about "Lighting Your Way to Better Health"  –
Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability in the Environment and our Body.
Randy Fritz will explain how 5,000 years of Chinese herbal knowledge have been distilled into perfectly balanced nutritional products that we can enjoy today .
Diana Herrington will explain how  15 years of living with Fibromyalgia and severe chronic fatigue syndrome  showed her the inadequacies of modern medicine and the discovery of a more natural means of healing. She went from living on disability to being a fully active member of Edmonton!
There will be 20-30 minutes of presentations and the rest of the time eating, drinking tea (of course) and enjoying!
Need directions?  Call 780-988-9174
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