Call TWO for the Radiant Health and Healthy Slimness Course

Thanks everyone for participating in our second call.

You can enter your posts for your totals from your Food and Activity below.  Don’t forget to add a comment about what you learned from the process or what you learned from your totals.

All those who submit their totals on line here will receive a special recipe at the end of the week.

You will also be receiving very soon an acid/alkaline chart if you have registered for the course or do register.


Randy and Diana

vital healt assessment

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15 thoughts on “Call TWO for the Radiant Health and Healthy Slimness Course”

  1. My diet is about 50% whole and about 35-40% live. I cannot yet speak to the alkaline/acidic balance. This varies from day to day and requires some planning, so that I have what I need each day. I have been eating leftovers and will do my best to stop that.

    I’ve learned that when I cut out red meat and anything artificially sweetened, I don’t swell in my digits and have less pain from arthritis. I’ve added in more veg to my foods since our 1st call and am now feeling some loss of weight (no scale) and I’m stretching more and doing my best to walk more often (10,000 steps per day).

    I’m eating more frequently with smaller portions and so I never sit to eat on an empty stomach, if possible.

    I got tested at SAIT last week and show a higher % of body fat than I would prefer, so I am feeling very motivated, even though I do know I am very healthy overall.

  2. Wow! Although my diet has improved a lot in the last 20 years, I have a long way to go. It seems quite overwhelming in some ways, but with some planning I can improve even more. The call tonight was really great – lots of good information. Having a buddy would be helpful for me. I look forward to next week.

  3. Very useful info — & good to breakdown the diet into Whole & Live & Alkaline/Acid. I have had too many disruptions in my life the past two weeks, so will do the diet sheet later (:
    Don’t want to look at the Xmas chocolates & junk food that has been passing my lips lately.
    I also better cut out the coffee in the morning & I thought black tea was alkaline! My chai better go too?

    I am looking forward to the information sheets you’ll be sending out. Great fun listening to you both & helpful info.

    Thanks again for making the calls available.

  4. Kevin Parkinson

    Whole Food: 55% – 65%
    Live Foods: 65% – 70%
    Alkaline foods: 65% – 70%, Acid Foods: 30% – 35%

    Looking to improve my intake of alkaline foods mainly. I love eating different kinds of food so this means getting really creative with cooking.

    I am going to take Diana’s adive about 1 lemon per day and 2 peices of fruit per day.

    Kevin Parkinson

    P.S. – Did you know that watermelon is one of the most alkaline foods as well?


    The two great teachers
    Sitting side by side
    All the students are in bleachers
    Going for a ride
    We are all listening to the telephone
    With great pride
    Then when the teachers speaks
    You hear rumbling like a great tide
    We all join in, so we can reap
    The journey that we will decide
    The teachers call out numbers and names
    We all take it in stride
    When the end comes, beating fast
    We can all can say we tried
    But wait, directions are coming
    For the next lesson, we must abide
    So we can eat better
    And not hide
    In the depth of poor eating
    That may come back and reside

    Robert Erickson

  6. Trudy Stoelting

    Whole food 95%, Live food 80%, Alkaline food 80%! I just eat a ton of concentrated herbal foods so that makes my Live Food/alkaline food percentages look really good for me! Not to mention I feel GREAT!!
    Looking forward to the next call.

  7. What an interesting and revealing exercise…it is just what I needed to get practical with healthy eating.

    Whole foods 33%- 70%, Live foods 37.5%- 65%, Alkaline : 33%- 61% over 3 days
    at the end of January
    I learned that if it weren’t for my whole food supplements, I am really in trouble. No real surprise but a life-changing realization none the less. Since registering for this class I started a purification diet of fruits/vegetables (raw & lightly steamed with nothing but herbs, spices & celtic salt) and whole food supplements. It will be interesting to see if I am making good choices in the Alkaline/Acid Balance area even though I wil be eating whole live foods.

    I also learned that in those 3 “normal diet” days it was always the cooked meat & fish that was dragging me down. Also my worst day was SuperBowl Sunday with a gang over……..and my husbands chili & biscuits that did me in, even though I stuck to fresh veggie snacks.

    This is a very practical and useful means to my making the changes I always wanted to make in our kitchen…..thankfully my spouse agrees.
    Thanks Diana & Randy….talk to you Tues. I am back to Manitoba to remember why I am a Snowbird. Sandra
    Arizona Sandra

  8. Becky Makellky

    I am going to be honest here and say I am having trouble with figuring out what actually constitutes a + or – for everything on my chart!! However I have been diligent to continue to write down what I am doing (and have been doing that since last April) but I am fine tuning it with the chart and including times now. To hazzard a guess I would estimate I am in the 50% to 60% for each category. I also purchased the ph strips yesterday and tested myself this morning and I am sure this is going to be another good learning and application tool. I implemented the lemon a day challenge. Due to dealing with candida and fungus issues adding fruit creates instant food cravings and worsening of skin rashes so I will forgo that for now. Looking forward to the next “encouragement class”.

  9. Kevin Parkinson

    Actually I think I am closer to the target acid/alkaline levels than I originally posted, as some apple pie and some pancakes had snuck into the “data” I had used. I don’t know how that got in there. ; )

  10. Hi,
    I wasn’t so sure how to count the liquids like herb food tea. Do you get a point for every cup? Just counting the solid foods concerning the ratios I was about 90 % whole and raw/live. I was surprised that I actually eat less cooked or processed food than I thought when just counting by cups, although I wonder if it might be that a few tablespoons of nutbutter and some chocolate actually counts like more, since eating a whole cup of peanut butter probably would throw your whole day way off ( although that wouldn’t be hard for me to achieve).

    I’m still open for a buddy. I’ve been interested in nutrition for almost 20 years and a happy Sunrider for 6 years.I’d like to learn more about the acid/alkaline balance and continue to move forward toward eating more clean and raw.

    Until Tuesday ,
    Have a happy healthy week !!

  11. Marijke Stanley

    Thank you for the classes, they are very informative. My whole food intake was between 47 and 93%, live between 23 and 53% and alcaline between 35 and 53%.
    Not as healthy as I thought. It sure paints a clear picture when a person starts writing down exactly what goes into the body!
    I would like to know how much a quick stir-fry kills my food as both my VA and my body tell me they don’t like cold, raw foods.
    Even my lettuce gets a quick wilt-down most of the time.

  12. Iris Hofmeister

    Keeping an activity log is something I plan to periodically continue, just to stay on track and increasing my score. My 3-day average activity log score was:
    Whole Foods = 46% – 68%, Live Foods = 37% – 50%, Alkaline Foods = 52% – 64%.

  13. John Prokopchuk

    My 3 day score was – W 22.3% -44.6% L 22.3% -44.6% A 22.3% -37.5%
    I think I have scored myself a little stiff.
    Do we score each SR product a +1 ?
    If any food has been cooked it is a -1 ?
    What do we score steamed food as ?
    I find this very interesting. You can see that by my score.
    I have so much more to learn, Thank you & keep up the good work.

  14. John Prokopchuk

    My remarks to the Five Questions.

    (1)By achieving balance my pain in my hands and fingers have improved.

    (2)With the change in my food choices it can only be for a Healthier life.

    (3) I see living with less aches and pain.

    (4)Ieat more raw fruit and vegtabiles than I did before,plus my water intake is improving.

    (5) Reduce the amount of sugar intake.Drink more water,and reduce the meal portions.

  15. Kevin Parkinson

    So I have been taking Diana’s advice about eating a lemon per day and that is going well. I do have a question though about mixing it with Sunrider foods. When I combine the lemon with Calli for example, it drastically lightens the Calli tea i.e. in an amount of water that I have seen the Calli dissolve in and be quite dark, now the Calli with lemon look like a really lightly steeped green tea. My question is if there might be any adverse affects ( i.e. changing of enzymes ) with putting the lemon and Calli/Fortune Delight together.

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