Call Three of Radiant Energy and Healthy Slimness

Thanks for listening to the call. Please post your FIVE ANSWERS below:

vital healt assessment

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11 thoughts on “Call Three of Radiant Energy and Healthy Slimness”

  1. 1. What: Slim, toned body that is pain-free, with sustained energy, a wide-awake mind and balnced disposition..excellent good health. Use the money I spend for supplements on other things like a vacation!
    2. Feel: more feminine, more energetic, freer.
    3. See: I am able to hike/canoe longer distances. I fit into the clothes which I love to wear.
    4. I am losing weight/inches (no scale). I have less pain in my body. Even though I ate well before, I am eating with more awareness and therefore am feeling better. I am eating less and don’t experience huge hungers or cravings. 5. I am eating more fruits and vegetables and I have taken nightshade foods out of my diet for now. I am doing yoga class once a week and walking more, thus increasing my metabolism.

  2. Becky Makellky

    1. What: feeling stronger from the inside out, free of overwhelming food cravings, a body intune with itself knowing what it needs intuitively, relief from joint pain, no foggy brain, depression.
    2. Feel: Relieved, more able to confidently make the conscious life producing choices, excited
    3. See: An inner confidence that good health brings that is produced in others as they are encouraged to take care of themselves, the ability to one day physically and mentally enjoy ones grandchildren
    4. This is a continuation of a journey markedly started last April for me. Major diet changes, supplement recommendations undertaken, and because of that I regained psycial strength back in my arms, I have gone from walking 3 min. on the treadmill last Sept. to 40 mins. plus strength training now, I don’t hurt everywhere, my thinking is more clear, I don’t feel like I am fighting with my body but working together as a team now
    5. Continue to fine tune my eating habits, incorporate the soaking of nuts and seeds, be diligent to use a fruit and vege wash to do my best to reduce toxic contamination, encourage myself that exercising does make me feel better once I am done.

  3. Anna Szalabayi

    1.To gain more information.2. I would feel empowered to make more informed coices.3. I see myself helping others do the same. 4. More awareness for health. 5. To continue eating fruits and veggies drinking water and exercising.

  4. 1-what; to learn the path to a painfree body,that I don’t have to baby along all the time ,to walk without thought of where to place my next step(literally)
    2-feel; as if anything is possible and I have the free energy to just pop up and do it
    3-see; to see my face light up to know that I have been successful in my fitness goals and see a healthy reflection.
    4-I experienced energy today after eating my sprouts,I want to remember that and move ahead towards more living foods. I believe I have caught the vision.
    5-I am looking forward to the gentle detox I am so glad that you shared your OJ experience with us as I only felt that I had a lack of self disipline because I couldn’t convince myself to do a cleanse like that. Started the H2o today!

  5. 1 – what: I want to lose weight over time, learn to make healthy choices, want to be able to look at myself without seeing all the bulges.
    2 – Feel; I will have more energy, confidence, able to enjoy shopping for clothes again. My body will work the way it should, won’t feel so bloated.
    3 – see; a better appearance, to see more energy to actually want to keep moving instead of knowing that I have to.
    4 – I want to learn what I can and hope that this motivates me on the road to weight loss. I like the fact that I am learning the reason for certain foods and not just that I have to eat them to lose weight.
    5 – I am starting to drink the 2 cups warm water every morning – not sure how this is going – either I am really clogged up or the water temperature is wrong, but I will keep trying in hopes that this cleanse will work.

  6. I have a question about the warm water drink first thing in the morning. You may have addressed it but as I am writing things down as you are talking quickly (which I quite like) it is easy to miss some of the info. After you drink the water are you supposed to wait a certain length of time before you eat anything else? And also what was the reason behind why it had to be plain water vs say, lemon water – something to do with transit time in the stomach? Thanks

  7. 1. I would have a naturally slim & fit body and a mind to match. I would easily create nutritious balanced meals in my kitchen rather than relying on supplements.
    2. I would feel calm, peaceful and have energy for all life has to offer.
    3. I see myself continuing this healthy lifestyle so my body is able to take care of itself on the long-term. I will be proud of how my clothes fit me, and be free of taking clothes in and letting them out again. I also see myself sharing these principles with others.
    4.I have no cravings since I eat many more fresh fruits & vegetables. I have found I enjoy many cruciferous and leafy green vegetables I had never tried until now, and am able to digest more raw vegetables than before. I have lost inches and fat that seemed impossible to lose previously, and I like the way I now fit into my clothes. I am drinking more water and exercising regularly with no resistance.
    5. I will continue being alert to acid/alkaline balance and toxicity in my food choices as well as be more careful about how I combine foods for good digestion. I have found many more sources for organic produce and foods, and will look for that wherever I go, as my awareness has grown and the lists you gave us are a real help. Exercise has become a habit that is fun and I see myself continuing that even though “what” I do might vary. I may have promised myself that before, but I feel much more committed today. I think I may periodically use the activity log after this course, as it keeps me aware of my daily choices and honest with myself.

  8. 1)what:
    complete vibrant health, no disease, perfect weight, pain free, lots of energy, fluidity and flexibility ,happy balanced moods, strength and stamina

    feel wonderful all day, wake up happy, enjoy life and activities, feeling clean and healthy and fresh, joy, more spontaneity, happy to face whatever life brings , remain strong and calm in challenges, inner peace

    3)see in life:
    start a new career, study and seminars, more socializing, more travelling ,enjoy some kind of exercise, more fun , more sharing with others, more money

    4) I feel like coming out of a dark tunnel into more light and joy, seeing new choices and possibilities, more happy in general, lots of new ideas pouring in, mind is expanding and learning

    5) daily steps:
    continue sungazing, eat mostly live food and Sunrider, continue healing, fresh air, walks , take care of me and be aware where I’m losing energy, reclaim inner power, transform thinking& open up to abundance , trust in Divine Grace and follow its guidance, listening to inspiring CDs , get lots rest and quiet peaceful alone-time, spend time with happy inspiring people

  9. Darleen Larsen

    1)Freedom–not worrying about the little health “hiccups” I need to keep under control
    2) Free
    3)Enthusiastic and readily available because I don’t have to be so in to me
    4) More self awareness to what I am eating
    5)Raising the level of a more pure diet, exercise and continue on having a very positive attitude

  10. I am very touched by reading these and thank you all for sharing what you are doing. Oh yes this is Diana speaking….I show up as the editor.

    Jan, about the water: if you drink a cup of water first thing in the morning after your night of fasting it will flush your kidneys and bladder, clean out fasting debris from your stomach and colon….often creating a bowel movement. If you drink that same cup of water with lemon juice in it then it will stay in your stomach for up to one hour not going into cleansing mode.

    As the water does not stay in your stomach very long there is no need to wait a great length of time…..10 to 15 minutes is long enough.

  11. Cindy Klassen

    5 Questions:
    1. What does achieving the goal of health and balance mean to you?
    It means looking and feeling better. I would like to get rid of some persistent heartburn and lose some weight. This would also allow me to focus on other
    aspects of my life instead of constantly be conscious of my weight.
    2. How would you feel if you achieved this goal?
    I would feel happy, energetic, more outgoing, sexier, and satisfied. I would also feel grateful and have more self-confidence.
    3. What do you see happening in your life if you reach your goal?
    I see my favorite sports becoming easier to do, and looking and feeling better in my clothes.
    4. What small positive do you notice all ready?
    I feel I have a greater awareness and I have a few more things to work on. I have really noticed that the 2 cups of warm water in the morning is making a difference. I am really feeling some cleansing symptoms.
    5. What steps can you take to go in that direction?
    My biggest roadblock at the moment is from living in a small community. There are no organic products in the market and the quality of fruits and
    vegetables is poor. The store stocks mostly canned and frozen foods since they don’t have the volume to warrant a large variety of fresh produce.
    Therefore I really need to go through some recipes, make lists, and make sure I buy what I need when I have the opportunity to go to a bigger town to
    shop. The specialty health food stores are even farther away so organization is key. I need to expand my recipe base for more variety. Come summer, I
    should be able to grow more of my own vegetables and hope to learn more about healthy ways to can or preserve these vegetables.

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