Radiant Energy and Healthy Slimness Course, Call ONE – Getting Started Right

We hope everyone enjoyed the first call.  Use this page to submit your comments, questions and GOALS to the group by posting at the bottom of this page.

If you want to submit this information privately to us you can email to diana@realfoodforlife.com.

Also anyone who wishes a buddy can email us directly at diana@realfoodforlife.com  or call 780-489-4477.

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vital healt assessment

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17 thoughts on “Radiant Energy and Healthy Slimness Course, Call ONE – Getting Started Right”

  1. Dear Diana and Randy: My goals are to get back on track with my eating habitits so i can detoxify my endocrine system again because i know this is a weak system of mine. My metabolism has also decreased and i have gained about 30 lbs in the last 4 years. My main goal is just to become my happy healthy self again.

  2. Hi Diana and Randy,
    1. I choose the right foods for my body type and metabolism, so that I lose the roll of fat around my mid-section (10 lb), keep healthy and have the stamina to do the activities I like to do, without feeling constrained by a diet approach.
    2. I choose to eat foods that improve my memory.
    3. I choose to eat a regime that allows me to have a wide variety of choices, so that cooking and eating are still enjoyable.

    Thank you for doing this.

  3. Call was great. It brought back all the info from the course you taught years ago. I taught this course to several groups and everyone loved it and saw results with the changes.

  4. Note: The columns labeled W, L & A are to be left blank as they are for use when we do the analyzing.

  5. Thanks for doing this again. I also took and taught this course years ago and have used most of the principles in my own life as well as teaching all of them to my own clients and associates in my fitness business. These principles are simple, do-able, and most IMPORTANTLY sustainable.

    My two goals are:

    1. To learn the latest valid information that I can pass on to my own people.

    2. To learn how to cook using less meat and make tasty vegetarian meals that MY FAMILY will also enjoy. Specifically, I want to get to the point of cooking AT LEAST one totally vegetarian meal for the whole family at least once a week.

    PS. Trisha is right. In my experience in the fitness/weight loss industry, STRESS is one of the most common (and ignored) underlying factors in overweight conditions. My weight loss clients who’ve had the most difficulty losing and keeping weight off, almost always have incredibly stressful life situations. Stress reduction can be a key factor for many.

  6. Cindy Klassen

    I accidentally left my comments on the first page but I will repeat them here.
    I enjoyed the first call and look forward to the rest. My goals are:
    To begin losing weight by bringing my body into balance. To reduce my cravings.
    To learn to add more variety to my diet (I hope there will be some sharing of recipes). And to learn about my unique body type to better choose my foods and exercise.

  7. I agree with Cindy

    I would like to start losing weight and to add variety in our menus. we are a greek family so eat a lot of chicken, olive oil, etc.

    I live a very busy (stressfull) life and most of the time I am eating on the run. I have 4 teenagers (2 – 17 year olds, 15 year old and a 13 year old) in the house and all are involved with sports (football, rugby, soccer, basketball). the older boys are body building to play college level football and rugby.

    My youngest is one very picky eater among other things.

    the kids seem to snack a lot but with all the food allergies and picky eaters and different body types we don’t seem to have good snacks (cookies, chocolate covered granola bars) they do eat a lot of fruit and veggies… it is so hard to make everyone happy.

    Sorry I was rambling… I guess my biggest goal is to make meal times interesting yet healthly.

  8. Sandra Penny

    I am grateful to you both, Diana & Randy, for regenerating the course Randy taught us some years ago. It will be so helpful to look at underlying principles of how digestion & toxicity are affected by, not just what we eat but how we combine our foods. I want that to become our family’a way of eating, and I need that to be simple. I want the gap between knowing and doing to narrow in my kitchen.

    Those I teach want help with emotional eating, cravings/addictions and managing the stress that seems to feed these issues. It seems to rob them of energy and hope as well. I also am interested in learning more about expansive/contractive foods, and acid/alkaline foods: how it all works and how to start using the principles in the kitchen. I eat a lot of concentrated herbal foods but want to support my gains rather than waste my investment. Is your new book on the 6 tastes available yet?

  9. Kevin Parkinson

    Hello Diana and Randy, thank you for offering this course first of all!

    My goals are to learn how to effectively raise my metabolism for the purposes of good digestion, energy and weight loss, learn about how to combine foods better and also perhaps to becaome a more creative and healthy cook.

  10. Iris Hofmeister

    Thanks Randy and Diana for sharing your knowledge, time and experiences with us. I’m one of the fortunate ones that had participated in many of Randy’s classes, including this one years ago. I am ready for a refresher.
    My Goals for taking this course are:
    1. To refresh my knowledge on weight management, body types, emotional eating and stress, so that I can with confidence guide others with their weight challenges.
    2. Learn how to properly combine foods that balance and nourish the 6 different body Chakras.
    3. Learn more about acid/alkaline foods that would assist weight management.

  11. Marijke Stanley

    Hi Randy and Diana, thank you for offering this course. I am very much looking forward what else you have to share.
    My goals are 1 to loose my belly fat, 2 have a more alkaline body and 3 increase my digestion.

  12. John Prokopchuk

    Thanks Randy and Diana for offering this course. Rosalie and I have taken the course several years ago, but I would like to get new information and get back to some of my better disipline of food choices

  13. Mindy Gudzinski

    Hello Diana and Randy. Sorry I missed the first teleconference but I did have a chance to listen to it and am excited to participate tomorrow! My goals are to severely cut the amount of sugar in my diet…I have a sweet tooth that gets the best of me too often; and to learn more about pairing of certain foods in meals to get the most nourishment out of them and get some new ideas for meals.

    I have made it my new years resolution to get my diet to 80% fruits and vegetables and so far I am going strong for 1 month…I realize that that isn’t a huge amount of time in the grand scheme of things but for me it has been a big step.

    I want to get some new ideas and recipes perhaps to keep things interesting and mix it up. I find that if I become bored of the food I’m eating I have a high tendancy to slip up and resort to my old bad habits! I really love cooking so new healthy ideas that I can experiment with will help me for sure! Hmmm, what else…there are so many things I want to learn!

    My digestive system is one of my main problem areas so if I can get some specific examples of foods and tactics to get that help get that on track that would be great.

    Thanks so much for now and I’m excited to learn tomorrow!

  14. Brenda Campbell

    After reading these comments, I am realy looking foreward interacting with everybody. For the most part I know what I should be doing (or not). But, I hope to get the motavation needed to stay the course. I want to loose about 40 lbs and keep it off.

  15. Becky Makellky

    A good friend got her computer up and running yesterday and caught wind of this course and emailed me right away I listened to the audio of the intro and am looking forward to the ensuing weeks.

    Due to a health crash a year ago, I have been seeing a naturopath (sp) and have been addressing so many issues and feel I have come back to the land of the living. But after 9 months of tough slugging I am looking forward to a shot in the arm each week to keep pursuing and continuing to build my body back to a good status of health.

    One of the questions that was asked was what contributes to overweight and I thought I would like to mention food allergies which in turn causes inflammation, for me this meant escalating weight gain over my entire life and by making dietary changes and adding supplements to support my system 46 lbs have been shed much to my surprise as I was just desperate to feel human again, the loss of weight was a bonus! So looking forward to tomorrow.

  16. Debbie Marcellus

    I am interested in this course to hopefully correct some of the confusion out there as to what is the healthy way to eat.

    I have tried lots of diets over the years and have lost weight on them but usually not for long.I don’t want a diet, I hate the word diet! I would like the healthy way to eat to become a way of life. I don’t want to stop living and always be worried about what I have eaten or drank that day.I am a grandmother of two small grandchildren with another one on the way.
    I am married and have been married for 29 years. I plan to spend the next 50 years healthy and happy, with my husband spending my winters in the tropics somewhere and the summers here chasing my grandchildren around.

  17. Alpha Harper

    The first call was very informative, I have been looking forward to learning of real food use to trigger my body to return to a state of excellent health and its proper size, as all that I have done so far by myself has not worked. I’ll be listening in on the 10th. hope you had a great time in Palm Springs Alpha

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