3 Minute Green Smoothie

This simple addition to your daily food has quite literally changed people’s lives. This was one of the recipes we talked about in the Radiant Energy and Healthy Slimness course.   The ingredients include: 10-12 almonds, 1 apple, 2 plus cups of organic baby spinach. Enjoy

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8 thoughts on “3 Minute Green Smoothie”

  1. Kevin Parkinson

    Wow, did you see how much spinach he put in there?
    Randy, you’re going to look like Popeye next time I see you.

    Kevin Parkinson

  2. Yes I did and it really made me laugh all the while! I could not believe how he just kept adding more and more spinach. OMG I it has me laughing again!

  3. Alpha Harper

    That looks great! When will part 2 be coming out ? I have been trying to have a green smoothie at least once a day , what an energy difference ! I saw a blender demo at a trade fair, they threw in the seeds of the apples I was always told that this was NOT a healthy thing to do, what do you suggest please? Alpha

  4. Alpha, I know what you are referring to; we have heard that apples seeds contain arsenic. They do not contain arsenic but apple seeds ontain cyanide. Apprently grinding apples and pressing them doesn’t release enough cyanide to be a problem nor does cooking them.

    “About the only way you can actually ruin into a problem with the toxicity of apple seeds is if you save the seeds from about a bushel of apples and eat them all at once.” Richard E. Barrans Jr., Ph.D. Assistant Director PG Research Foundation, Darien, Illinois

    So what do I do….I do not put the seeds in as when I eat an apple I never feel like eating the seeds so why would I put them in my smoothie. I prefer to not get any extra cyanide if I can.

  5. John Prokopchuk

    Randy we have been making smoothie for a few years, our blender broke down so we only use our MAGIC BULLET.To the spinach we add six in. piece of celery, some cucumber .We even add a piece of garlc if we want to give a different flavor

    I also eat a lot of raw broccoli, but my wife steams or adds the brocolli to the smoothie.

    1. That sounds like a great smoothie! I’m know garlic is great for your health but I just can’t stand the taste or the effect of raw garlic. You are lucky!

  6. Becky Makellky

    I’ve been busy making the smoothies as well. I’ve been adding a tbsp of coconut oil, a tsp of cinnamon and I add the smoothie to my cereal bowl which I’ve added 2 tbsp. ground flax seeds and 2 tbsp hemp hearts. Tastes great!!.

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