At 106 Years Old Eileen Ash Enjoys a Fun, Active Life

It is inspiring to see and hear what 106 year old Eileen Ash is still living a very active life. There is this thought that when we age and get much older we will not be doing much.  This does not have to be true. Look at what Eileen Ash is doing at her age.  She does yoga and still drives her own car! If she can do it, we can too?

Check out this video of Eileen doing what she says has kept her very healthy. She is 105 here.

She’s the great-grandmother from Norwich who has lived through two world wars, worked for MI6, played test cricket for England – and now has TWO birthday messages from the Queen. Eileen Ash was born on October 30, 1911, she is 106 – and she’s still active and independent.

She was asked if she ever suffers from aches and pains, Eileen said: “Not yet, when I’m older, I will apparently, but what is old?”

Check out this video of Eileen enjoying a conversation and playing pool at 105.

Do You Realize That Age Is Just a Number?

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