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Randy Is In A Relationship! 

It’s true. Every day in the past few weeks I leave my home and walk down into the creek valley to ‘talk’ with the plants.  I’m doing this because I just read a fascinating book called “The Secret Teachings of Plants, The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature by Stephen Buhner.

Better than ‘Secret Life of Plants’

You may have read or heard of a book, now decades old called “the Secret Lives of Plants”.  The book verified that; yes plants do respond better when you are happy or ‘talk’ to them’ or play them classical music instead of hard rock.  It tended to be entertaining and  anecdotal.  This new book by Buhner is much more elegant, much more scientific,  rigorous and much more practical.  In the end, it actually it teaches you how to relate to plants in a step by step fashion.

Amazing Information About Your Body

When I started reading the book; I kept wondering why Buhner even mentioned plants in the title. The first half of the book hardly mentions plants at all.  It dealt almost exclusively with the human body, how it works and how it interacts with the environment. The revealing point is that the body is much more intricate and subtle than most people imagine. Buhner proves most convincingly that the heart is not just a mechanical pump to move blood around – but an organ of intelligence and cognition rivaling the brain.

Function From Your Heart

Recent discoveries in neuroscience have proven that over 50% of the heart is composed of neural cells. The heart is in fact a ‘brain’ in its own right. We just need to function more from the heart rather than the head. Research has shown that doing so is very healthy for the body, mind and emotions. All ancient and indigenous peoples insist that their knowledge of plants and plant medicines comes from the plants themselves through heart centered perceptions. Less well known is that many of the foods we now enjoy were developed  by people who worked in this manner.

Luther Burbank for example, developed 800 new species of modern plants, including the Burbank potatoes which McDonalds now uses in its French fries. The “Secret Teachings of Plants” suggests that it is natural and normal to work in this way and that anyone can do so.

My Own Experience?

Can we all talk to plants?  We will see.  I’ve just started.  I walk down to the creek valley because there are some very old, very big trees there.  There is one tree there I call ‘Big Ben’. He/she is the biggest tree in that valley and seems to ooze strength and compassion.

Plants of course don’t speak English, so you can’t discuss who’s winning American Idol, or the most recent elections.  Even if they could – they wouldn’t be interested in these things. It’s more like listening to music.  The impressions I get from ‘Ben’ tend to be vague and subtle like that but according to the book they can be quite precise.  Maybe I will get more specific. Because it is subtle perhaps I am just  generating these impressions within myself.

Anyway I recommend this book, even if you just read the first half and don’t want a new ‘relationship’


My copy was priced at $25.95 and took a LONG time to get but you can get it from Amazon immediately for a lot less. Click on the amazon button below. You will note that one is for Americans and one is for Canadians.


From the new Plant Whisperer, Randy