Welcome to the Winter Health Training

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Congratulations on taking a step towards better health for 2014! 

Here is the recording from January 7 2014




It is Still a Good Time to Do the  Winter 2-5-30 Healthy Diet: Click Here

You can start this training up until the end of winter.

Winter 2-5-30 healthy Diet


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  1. I have signed up for the 7th Jan Webinar, but see that there is not a time shown for Atlantic time, as I live in Canada on the Atlantic coast will I still be able to get this.

    1. Hi Christine. I quick google search for atlantic time put it 3 hours ahead of Mountain time where we are. That makes it 10 p.m. for the webinar. We look forward to meeting you on the call.

  2. I am a bit confused. I registerd for the Jan 7th webinar and would like to register for the seasonal eating and health approaches for winter on Feb 7th. I am unable to register for the Feb 7th webinar. Can you help me?

  3. I am in Mexico until early Feb and then I will be returning to the cold in Canada. Would it be all right to start this cold weather diet if I’m in the tropics right now?

    I cannot tolerate protein foods or citrus, among others. Will there be allowances or substitutions made under these circumstances in the recipes?

    1. Hi Joyce. Diana can adjust to your situation and would be glad to do so but you should wait until you get back to start the winter diet. You would just be starting late so would make up the missing first weeks later.

  4. I’m a little confused as the two of you said most people should avoid gluten grains but the slide Randy showed on VA results showed kamut and spelt as excellent for the person tested. Both are gluten grains. I see the same on many VA’s. I try and clarify with people that gluten is not the problem. Wheat is the problem!

    1. I agree with you Trish. I’m glad someone is watching carefully. Wheat is the real problem.
      In our presentations we tend to use ‘gluten free’ as a more generalized term that most people recognize. We don’t have the time in a short presentation to start explaining WHY wheat is so bad as compared to spelt and kamut since that is somewhat controversial.
      In our classes though, Diana does NOT USE SPELT OR KAMUT in any of the recipes. All of her recipes are gluten free. If someone is celiac, we want to be completely safe.

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