Cucumber-Mint-Mango Lightness

Recipe by Kirti Kapoor

Thank you to  my friend Kirti who I met on Care2 in 2004 at  Kaysramblings   for contributing this recipe:

cucumber-mint-mango drink

What with mom being unwell and concerns about her hydration quotient being quite high, I have taken recourse to creating light and refreshing summer juices for her. Today,  it was the turn of the cucumber-mint-mango medley. Light, lovely green in color, not too sour (pix comes up tomorrow).


Cucumber medium sized: 1, washed, peeled and diced/cubed

Mango: 1 small unripe, peeled, sliced

Mint leaves: 5-7, washed (or mint paste: 1tsp)

Curry patta (sweet neem) leaves: 4-5 washed

Salt to taste

Honey: 1/4 tsp

Cold water: 1/2 cup


  1. Wash all the above ingredients, peel, dice whatever is required; combine in a mixer or blender jar (if your blender jar has a mesh/pulp filter, use it pleases)
  2. Blend/pulp at medium speeds for about 2min, then at high speed for another 2min.  Strain using the blender’s pulp filter or strainer, into a jug or tall glass; place in refrigerator to chill for about an hour.
  3. Discard pulp.
  4. Serve cold.

The above quantity makes one standard 200 ml serving.

My mom is elderly, so I did not retain the pulp, if desired a little bit of the pulp can be added to bulk the juice up.

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  • Hi Diana
    It is a pleasure to be here; in fact Care2 years were some of the very enjoyable online times. Thanks a ton for posting my recipe. Hope your readers like it. The others that you would like will come by and by. I wish you all the very best. And yes, your paneer lunch is still pending, so when are you are coming over.

  • Hi Kirti, warms my heart to see you here. Yes we had good times in Healthy Cooking on Care2. Look forward to more of your recipes for sure!
    I am looking forward to that paneer lunch and it will happen; wish it was next winter.

  • Mmmm….sounds wonderfully refreshing!! It never occurred to me to look in the food groups on Care2 for recipes…lol. I’ll have to check that out.

  • How can one eat mango stones?
    they are very hard! I have never seen Green Mangos in the shops, only ripe ones.