Buckwheat Plaster

raw buckgwheat
Buckwheat is good at drawing out retained water and excess fluid from swollen areas of the body.  Here is an easy recipe for buckwheat plaster.


  1. Mix buckwheat flour with enough hot water to form a hard, stiff dough.
  2. Apply in a 1/2-inch layer to the affected area; tie in place with a bandage or piece of cotton linen.
  3. Leave in place for up to 4 hours.

After removing the plaster, you may notice that fluid is coming out through the skin or that the swelling is starting to go down. A buckwheat plaster will usually eliminate the swelling after only several applications, or at most after two or three days

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3 thoughts on “Buckwheat Plaster”

    1. I wish you well with your diabetes. There is article on the health benefits of buckwheat at: https://www.realfoodforlife.com/buckwheat-benefits-health/

  1. Muhammad Naqi Haider

    Hello.Actually I got my knee swollen after an Anterior Cruciate ligament injury recently on a football field. I consulted with some doctors. In first step of my treatment I have to reduce this swelling and for that buckwheat seems to be a more natural way as compared to anti-inflammatory creams suggested by my doctor.

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