Benefits of Sesame For Your Hair

Sesame oil is more than for stir-frying; it is great for your hair and skin.

Let’s look at what it can do for your hair now. First I would like to say I haven’t done all of these yet but since doing my research on sesame oil for the hair I am beginning this week.

Some of the benefits for your hair:

  1. Deep Conditioning of hair preventing split ends
  2. Prevents Scalp Problems
  3. Encourages Hair Growth
  4. Hair Darkening Qualities for premature greying of hair
  5. Natural Sunscreen to protect your hair

First, eat sesame seeds because they are packed with many nutrients that nourish the scalp and hair. Best to eat black sesame seeds that are a tonic for the liver and kidneys, and they help improve blood circulation so the nutrients are carried to all of the body which includes the skin and hair. Black sesame seeds are a good source of vitamin E, lecithin and protein which are to growing hair.

As good as this sounds, it will not happen overnight; it can take many weeks to many months to notice a difference in your hair. Patience is needed as is with any changes when improving nutrition in the diet.

  1. Deep Conditioning of hair preventing split ends: Sesame seed oil is a wonderful way to condition dry, damaged hair that is full of split ends or chemically treated. It will moisture and strengthen the hair; it will shine and be soft again.
  1. Prevents Scalp Problems: Sesame seeds are rich in replenishing vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are vital for healthy scalp. Massage your scalp with sesame seed oil; it will help moisten a dry, flaky scalp. Sesame seeds have antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help clear scalp infections, dandruff, and clogged pores that cause hair thinning and hair loss.
  1. Encourages Hair Growth: Essential fatty acids encourage hair growth and sesame seeds are full of them. When you massage warm sesame oil into your scalp it penetrates the scalp and nourishes it and thus increases blood circulation.  The sesame oil feeds your hair roots and shafts encouraging the hair to grow.
  1. Hair Darkening Qualities for Premature Greying of Hair: Sesame seed oil has hair darkening qualities for brunette or black hair. It can be used with carrier oils like olive or almond oil to reap the maximum benefits.
  1. Natural Sunscreen: Protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays by rubbing in sesame oil.

Now that you have learned how valuable sesame oil is for your hair find out all of the  Benefits of Sesame For Your Skin – Sesame seed oil helps to create glowing skin because it is rich in antioxidants, it pulls toxins from your skin.  Did you know that sesame seed oil is the main ingredient in many skincare products? I hear that sesame seed oil can even clear the skin of pimples, and fade dark spots.

Another great thing to use sesame oil is for oil pulling.  Oil pulling has been used for oral health for thousands of years in Ayurveda to reduce dental plaque, whiten your teeth and boost overall health.   The sesame seed oil has excellent healing properties because it is a natural anti-inflammatory agent with antibacterial properties.  Find out how to do oil pulling here.

 More Natural Beauty Treatments:

Dr. Oz Lemon Facial Cleanser  Unleash the anti-aging power of lemons with this homemade facial cleanser. You probably have the ingredients for this natural anti-aging cleanser in your fridge right now. Try this lemon facial cleanser.  Lemon has so many health benefits who knew you could also put it on your skin. The high acid content decreases outbreak-causing bad bacteria. The healthy probiotics from the yogurt help promote good bacteria.

Randy’s Homemade Mango Mud MaskJust mango itself is great for your skin. It is astringent and nourishes the deeper layers of skin with its beta-carotene and Vitamin C.

Carrot Face Mask  Easy,  inexpensive and healthy!  The ingredients contain natural antiseptics and antioxidants which kill germs and protect the skin from damaging free radicals.

Also, be sure to try these Great Sesame Recipes

creamy tahini dressing
Creamy tahini dressing

 Creamy Tahini Dressing:  Easy, delicious and creamy.  I love this tahini salad dressing recipe for its simplicity but mostly because it gives me a creamy dressing that is vegan.  Most creamy dressings contain milk products which for many individuals is hard to digest and contributes to weight gain. The other great thing about this dressing is that it is full of very good protein.

Gomashio Seasoning: A tasty addition to a meal.  This gomashio seasoning is a Traditional Japanese Macrobiotic Seasoning that I learned to make in my macrobiotic days a long time ago. It is so tasty and a wonderful addition to a meal.

Creamy Chick Pea and Rice Pie:  A hearty nourishing meal.  This chickpea pie is a very tasty meal which does take a little extra time to prepare but it is worth it. The great news is that it is dairy-free meaning it is vegan and gluten-free too!

Yummy Molasses/Tahini Cookies Are Good for You -These molasses/tahini cookies are Middle Eastern-inspired, delicious, and easy to make!  Also, they are vegan, and gluten-free too!  And they are so very yummy. They are a very healthy cookie full of nutrients from the molasses,  tahini, stevia and coconut oil. Thick, dark, syrupy, sweet blackstrap molasses is more than something to make candy or cookies with; it has many benefits, from helping prevent cancer to getting rid of grey hair. It is a superfood full of health benefits.

Delicious Turkish Tahini and Molasses Dessert – This tahini and molasses dessert is from Turkey which they call ‘Tahin Pekmez’.  It is so easy and fast to make as it requires no cooking or no baking.  All you do is mix it up and that only takes a few minutes and voila it is done!  It can be eaten with a spoon, but it is a very very sweet dessert.  Traditionally it is eaten with fresh crunchy bread dipped in or mixed in it.


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