How to Give Healthy Halloween Treats (and Not Get Egged)

My memory of Halloween is when we sang “Halloween Apples!” at the doors on Halloween night when I was a child. We never said “Trick or Treat” and doorbells were never rang. You just sang it louder until they answered.

This was a local custom in my home city of Edmonton and some other areas in Canada.

Back then our bags had lots of apples in them! Also, there were healthy things like mandarin oranges, popcorn, packages of nuts and homemade treats too. I especially liked the homemade cookies, popcorn balls, and caramel apples.

Why dont we give out apples or healthy Halloween food anymore?

  1. Most people do not feel it is safe or cool.
  2. Commercial interest in high-profit candy and candy confections.

Why we think healthy Halloween foods are not safe:

  • This is because of urban legends about razor blades in apples and poison in homemade treats.
  • Sociologist and criminologist Dr. Joel Best, at the University of Delaware, has researched every reported case of so-called “Halloween sadism” in the past 45 years and has found that not one of them is true.


 Big companies make lots of money selling candy
  • Americans buy more than 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween according to the National Confectioners Association. That adds up to $2.4 billion spent on candy for this event!
  • One-quarter of all the candy sold annually in the U.S. is purchased for Halloween.
  • The second highest grossing commercial holiday is Halloween after Christmas.


Why I do not give out Candy

ONE-THIRD of all children and adolescents are overweight or obese and this is growing rapidly.

EVERY major health organization and government in the world is alarmed by this trend. Inactivity and overconsumption of junk foods, sugary foods and drinks are to blame. Related Reading: Childhood Obesity:  Scary and Sad.

Let’s Give Children Real Treats Instead of the Usual Sugary Path to Diabetes and Obesity!

I am passionate about reducing sugar consumption in this world. Read my “7 Tips to Reduce Sugar Cravings“. I never give out anything with sugar in it at Halloween as I simply do not see it as a “treat” for children.

I invite you to join me to increase the wellness of children by not giving them candy filled with chemicals in the form of color and artificial flavoring and, of course, sugar.

Healthy Halloween

Here are a few great ideas to fill the baskets of trick-or-treaters:

Small packages of raisins if you can find them
Fruit juice boxes
Small packages of potato chips (check the label to be sure it has only potato, oil and salt). The salt will balance the sugar to some degree.
Fruit leathers
Packages of stickers; give one page out at a time
Hair bands for the girls
Halloween stickers, coloring books, puzzle books, pencils, erasers, notepads
Trading cards
Colored pens for the older children
Colored pencils and erasers
Little notebooks
Party favors like whistles and hats
Key chains (of cartoon characters, etc.)
Mini blowing bubbles.Buy sets of 100 packaged for weddings.

How Do Children React to These Treats?

  • Often the girls want to put the hair bands thing on right away.  Sometimes their costume won’t let them but they try!
  • Most of the children are excited to choose what they would like.
  • I hear them running to their parents yelling out what they just got.

The only ones who are disappointed are the older teenagers but I consider trick-or-treating to be for the younger ones.

Apple Cake

For those of you having a Halloween party for your children here a few healthy sweet recipes:

  • Hermit Cookies: Yummy cookies filled with nuts and dried fruit
  • Apple Cake: Gluten-free, sweetened with healthy apples, the red powerfood.
  • Date Squares: Wheat-free, filled with healthy oatmeal.


Learn how to make Healthy Gluten Free Baking. It doesn’t have the sugars and starches most gluten-free baking does.

Join my course The Healthy Chocolate Project. Yes, it’s true! It really is healthy!

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4 thoughts on “How to Give Healthy Halloween Treats (and Not Get Egged)”

  1. I too have come to believe in foregoing these fake treats for Halloween. If we are to give children worthy treats they should be healthy. I am opting for Halloween coloring books and crayons/markers this year. And for those with a sweet tooth- small boxes of organic raisins.

  2. I am a child of the 60s, and remember getting home made popcorn balls, apples and cookies along with all the junk.
    That is until someo sicko put needles in the apples he was handing out, and some kids in our town spent the night in A&E. The next year some idiot decided injecting candy with narcotics was funny.
    The result was that we started doing our own parties, and only going to people our parents knew for trick or treating.
    At our own party we had all the home made yummy-ness and an excuse to make spook houses and win prizes . Win-win if you ask me!

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