Healthy Baking Class Online – Gluten-Free, Vegan, Soy & Sugar-Free

Learn How to Do Healthy Baking 

Gluten-Free Healthy Baking that is Soy-free, Dairy-free & Sugar-Free
Sinfully Delicious and Healthy Too!

Wouldn’t it be great to eat cookies and tarts like you did as a child, innocently enjoying the sweetness and textures without worrying about the downside?

healthy baking

Get the skills and knowledge to create healthy baking with the Healthy Baking Course.

All the delights you will learn to bake and enjoy will be:

Gluten Free

 No sugar

No soy

 Sweetened with healthy sweeteners

 Healthy Ingredients

 Very Yummy

Some of them so fast and easy children can make them. 

Why Gluten-Free?

More and more people are realizing the benefit of eating gluten-free.

Celiac disease is far more prevalent than we had realized; it affects one in 133 Americans (Archives of Internal Medicine 2003).
Gluten sensitivity can lead to symptoms such as stomach cramps, diarrhea, and bloating.  Experts say it may affect as many as 20 million Americans!

Our own testing shows about at least 80% of individuals are somewhat sensitive to gluten.  That means it lowers their energy.  When they avoid gluten products their energy increases, their digestion improves,  their cravings decrease and they are able to maintain a healthy weight more easily.

Just Gluten Free is Not Enough!

There are thousands of gluten-free recipes available and hundreds of gluten-free products you can buy.

Unfortunately, almost all of these consist of large amounts of unhealthy ingredients like sugar, starch, and inappropriate oils.

Are you not sure how to bake gluten-free AND healthy? It’s just a matter of knowing how!

The Healthy Baking BootCamp Weekend Consists Of

  • ‘Getting Started’ training video to get you organized and orientated.
  • Training videos on each of the recipes to give specific techniques and secret methods for the best results.
  • We will even give you suggestions for healthy eating WHILE you are making your delicious treats. No use getting hungry and unbalanced while you are learning to be healthy!
  • Before the course, you will be given specific shopping instructions.  Everything you will need will be spelled out!
  • At any time if you have questions, you can email Diana.  If it is a complicated situation you can even talk by phone. We want to take care of you!

healthy baking

A few of the treats you will learn to make:
Pecan Shortbread, Fancy Fruit and Nut Cookies and Carob Chip Cookies

Healthy Baking Class Will Include These Treats

  1. Fancy Fruit & Nut Cookies (pictured above)
  2. Thimble Cookies – Grain Free
  3. Raw Chocolate Balls (pictured above)
  4. Pecan Shortbread Cookies (pictured above)
  5. Vegetarian Mince Pie Tarts  (pictured above)
  6. Carob Chip Cookies – Grain Free (pictured above)
  7. Cranberry Ginger Bars

And three special surprise delights!

Note:  As a special gift for this weekend – we will send you a separate shopping list and instructions for a few simple recipes for meals that you can prepare and eat over the weekend.

We don’t want you getting so hungry that you eat all your baking right away.  These meals will be healthy:  gluten-free and sugar-free and acid-alkaline balanced and food combined.

What will happen:

  1. You will receive a shopping list before each set of recipes.
  2. All the video pieces of training are available for one year.
  3.  You can ask questions to the instructor or the group at any time and get answers.

The course has been recorded so you will be able to listen to the audio recording at your own convenience.

What Will it Cost?

Normally BootCamps cost hundreds of dollars and take a tremendous investment of time.

Due to our web format, we can offer these for only $124.99 with just a few hours of your time.

Regular Price is $124.99
But Now
Very Special Offer For You

ONLY $29.00

Register by Clicking on the Buy Now Button Below.

22 thoughts on “Healthy Baking Class Online – Gluten-Free, Vegan, Soy & Sugar-Free”

  1. I am SO interested in this boot camp, but am going to Texas from Nov. 19 to Nov 29. I will not be able to call in at that time or have access to a computer.
    Will you be doing this gluten & sugar free web information again? I’ve had type 1 Diabetes since 1964 and Celiac Disease since 2009. So, I really need this lesson and encouragement. Thank you for providing this information, but I am wondering who is incharge? Do they have a degree or license? What is their expierence or profession?

  2. Hi Debbie,
    This BootCamp may be given at some future time but is not scheduled.
    The weekend is recorded though and people can go through the material after at their leisure. You can register at any time for that.

    Diana Herrington, is the main instructor for the weekend. She has been eating gluten free since 1995. She has been informally studying nutrition and cooking for over 40 years. She has taught cooking classes in Canada and England. She hosts two of the largest on-line health groups in the world, both of them over 400,000 participants.

    I help manage the weekends. I have been a certified nutritional consultant since 1995. I have also created and managed a testing service that has completed over 20,000 tests to give individuals personalized nutritional recommendations.

  3. Shirley Priddell

    I would like to be involved but am not home for the Saturday or Sunday calls. Is is possible just to listen to your audio recording at a later date?

    1. Hi Shirley, it is easy to be involved, all the calls and video power points are up available for all BootCampers.
      In fact you can even do it at a later date as all the information will be emailed to you with links to the recorded calls.

  4. Hi,

    I’m writing this June 13 2013, missed the boot camps – any chance I can buy your recipes and any other materials, and download them?

    1. Hi Kay, all of the BootCamps have downloadable recipes and instructions.

      With the Healthy Baking BootCamp all the videos are available for you to watch when you need to. They are good as they give full instructions.
      Once you enroll in a BootCamp there is a home page where you are welcome to leave questions that will be answered.

      Happy baking!

    1. Frances, I have muffin, cookie, cake, squares and pancake GF recipes. All have a good texture and certainly taste great. I will be working on a bread recipe this fall when it is cooler. Cannot bake in this hot weather.

  5. Ava G. Dixon

    I am very interested in the bootcamp – I have thyroid issues and have been gluten free, soy free, milk free for a few months now. Have been told by functional medicine doctor that I can now eat pasteurized eggs.

    I do not feel interested in the vegan meals, but would like to take the chocolate series. Is that still $20 or would it be at a reduced rate if I took the above course?

    Kind regards,

    Ms. Ava G. Dixon

  6. Ava G. Dixon

    I am very interested in the bootcamp – I have thyroid issues and have been gluten free, soy free, milk free for a few months now. Have been told by functional medicine doctor that I can now eat pasteurized eggs.

    I do not feel interested in the vegan meals, but would like to take the chocolate series. Is that still $29 or would it be at a reduced rate if I took the above course?

    Kind regards,

    Ms. Ava G. Dixon

  7. Stephen Ayotte

    If I sign up for this workshop right now when is the next time that the phone calls will be scheduled so that I can participate real time.

    1. Stephen, we have no plans to have the full class of scheduled live calls in the near future. We may have one call in November to get people started. You are always welcome to ask questions and I will answer them. I am very busy creating new recipes and writing them up for the upcoming book which is why there is no time right now for the live calls. Please do feel free to ask your questions.

  8. Vivian Gandara


    I’m interested in this camp. I see this is an old class, but if you plan to give it again, please let me know!

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