Discount Announcement for Sunriders


Free Training and Discount Available till Tuesday midnight on our revolutionary 2-5-30 Diet Program.

Dear Sunrider Friend,

We  closed the huge discount on our  2-5-30 Diet Program to the public on Saturday.

Instead of $149.00,  those who registered for our free weight loss webinar got the chance to get in on this amazing one month program for a fraction of the price.

Several Sunriders did so and we realized how much we wanted our good Sunrider friends participating. They already have the Sunrider tools and have probably heard about alkaline balance (from J.W Emerson) and food combining and detoxing  and live foods.

 2-5-30 diet 250

These are just a few of the principles we employ in this course.

The principle that brings this all together is the new research that intermittent fasting (dieting) for just 2 days a week is more effective than continuous dieting. This is exactly what we have been teaching in our weekend online courses.

Therefore, we have decided to repeat the free video training and discount JUST FOR SUNRIDERS.

Below is a link for you to register for the free training which explains these principles. PLEASE don’t share this with anyone but Sunriders.

Free Weight Loss Training.   

Note:  This is only available till Tuesday midnight.

Diana Herrington and Randy Fritz
Real Food For Life

P.S.  Although our trainings are generic and thus we  don’t promote Sunrider in them, we  will be giving Sunrider suggestions to go along with the program.

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