Understanding Your Results

How To Interpret Section One and Two:  Whole Body Vitality and Vitality Inhibitors

What does the Whole Body Vitality Number mean?

Whole Body Vitality (WBV) is a number that indicates the available Vitality at the time of testing.  It is NOT A PERCENTAGE (i.e. people are not 50 out of 100%).  WBV could be considered the final net total after a number of different factors have been considered.  Some of these factors add to your wholeness and some of them detract from your wholeness.  It is like when a person figures out their net income. They add together all the forms of income, then they subtract all their expenses and the result is their net earnings.

A  +  B  +  C  –  D  –  E  –  F  =  Net Total

In Vital Health Assessment, for example “A” might represent the Vitality or energy you receive from your regular food. “B” might be the energy you receive from herbal foods and “C” the Vitality you receive from fresh air. “D” might represent the Vitality drain from the toxins in your food “E” might be the Vitality drain from having to work in a polluted office, and “F” the draining influence from stress, lack of sleep, or an emotional trauma. Your WBV number can increase very quickly when you make improvements in nutrition.  Many people are initially at 50 or 100, and the next time they get a VA they can increase by hundreds of points.  No matter what your Vitality now, you can improve it.

 My numbers are 100 and 200.  Is that good or bad?

This Whole Body Vitality Reading is meant for use after you get your second or third analysis.
What we have seen is that if people use the information to improve their diet and lifestyle – tha tover time these numbers go UP!  People at the same time subjectively feel better!

Most people when they get their first analysis have readings of 100 and 200.  This is because the body will always try to use up whatever energy it has to maintain and repair the body.
You have to be doing a lot of good things or reducing bad things for you to have lots left over!

It is possible to get readings in the thousands. Ie.  WBV of  1000 and possible peak vitality of 2500 or even more!

What do the Vitality Inhibition Readings mean?

These numbers show drains to Vitality and basically point out whether areas need attention (low numbers) or not (high numbers).

NOTE:  A high reading, in your toxicity for example, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a lot of toxins in your system. It only means that your vitality is being affected highly by whatever is there.

This concept applies to all the vitality inhibitor readings.

What does TYPICAL mean?

Typical refers to the result  that MOST people who get an assessment receive.
Their are more people who get that result and any of the other single result.

For example, most people get a  high reading for toxicity.  For every 100 people who get a test probably 95 get a high reading and 5 get a moderate reading. Probably one person in one thousand get a low reading and NO one has ever gotten a 0 reading.

On the other hand more than 70% get a reading of 0 for parasites and environmental allergies.

N. B. If you were strongly supporting a system when testing occurred, by either eating a lot of food for that particular system or other means, that system might test as less drain than would be expected. Also note that the reading applies to the system as a whole. Some systems are large with many parts that might not affect the other parts, so if you did not put down a particular symptom on your application form, the whole may test relatively strong even though there is a symptom in one of its parts. “0”s are best but no one is ever “0” in all systems. There will always be a weak link that your body will try to help.

The process requires that you send a small hair sample with your application form. You will receive your results in 2-3 weeks by email.