Grain Sensitivity Testing

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in gluten intolerance and grains.

Think ‘Wheat Belly’ and ‘Paleo Diets’

A lot of individuals have found they feel better when they cut out grains and particularly wheat and other gluten grains.

We have been testing the sensitivity of individuals to foods for over 20 years with over 900,000 separate manual measurements.

We have always tested grains as a part of our “Common Food Sensitivity Test” and our “Real Food Sensitivity Test” and many found this particularly useful.

We have therefor created a simplified low cost test with just the grains. For those who are concerned with gluten and grain intolerance this one test could be essential.

Only $39.00

The process requires that you send a small hair sample with your application form. You will receive your results in 2-3 weeks by email.