Detailed Explanation of the Vitality Analysis – Nutrition and Health Assessment

Vitality Analysis: Bio-Computer Systems

A New Paradigm in

Nutrition and Health Assessment

BY DALE DORAM, M.Sc., MH Abundant Growth Inc. Edmonton, Alberta

Learn what you need to do for better health.

1. Introduction

This research paper summarizes some of the topics that we have been investigating in the area of measuring the VITALITY of living things for the last 6 years. The research contained in this paper is presented to familiarize the reader with experiments that hopefully shed some light on what Vitality is in living things and the usefulness of monitoring this important property.

We live in an exciting time when new technologies and knowledge are arriving very quickly. A recent edition of the NEW SCIENTIST magazine describes that HOLOGRAPHIC pictures of the human body are now available using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This is analogous to the information that our Bio-Computer generates when doing VITALITY ANALYSES. See Appendix A for some more information on this.

I personally feel that the monitoring of VITALITY in the fields of Nutrition, Agriculture, and the Environment offers to revolutionize our understanding of the workings of NATURE as well as what impact Man’s activities have on our planet. With the news media reporting daily the litany of problems that mankind faces, we will need new problem-solving approaches to keep progressing. We present our research in Vitality Analysis to all of those who are interested in restoring more harmony in mankind’s relationship with NATURE.

2. Vitality Analysis Research

2.1 The Nature of Vitality

That living things possess a VITAL FORCE has been recognized by mankind for thousands of years. Ancient cultures referred to it by names such as CHI(China), PRANA (India) and KI(Japan). These cultures recognized that VITALITY is the LIFE ENERGY that is present in all living things. Unfortunately, modern science has not been able to measure and document this property of living things until now. All of the biological sciences including medicine and agriculture have a Vitalist tradition that has been overshadowed by advancements in chemistry and genetics. For example, when urea was first synthesized in the laboratory in the early 1800s, this was widely interpreted to mean that there was no vital force acting in nature and that only the chemistry of matter was important.

In agriculture this thinking led to the theories proposed by Justis von Liebeg that plants only require nutrients to be in Inorganic form; the modern fertilizer industry was thus born at this time with the emphasis on supplying plants with only chemical elements, not in organic form.

Around the same time, medical researchers started working toward developing drug-based therapies instead of using herbs. The herbal traditions always felt that it was better to use the WHOLE PLANT instead of the active ingredients. However, since plants can’t be patented, for the past 150 years the trend has been to isolate the main active ingredient in a plant and then synthesize it in the lab.

While there is no major chemical difference between synthetic and natural substances many people have felt and experienced that natural substances are superior. This thinking even went so far that in school in the late 1960’s, I can remember futurists were predicting that by the l980’s we would be eating vitamin pills instead of food for meals. This nutritional approach has been tried and people invariably lose weight and health only eating their nutrients in chemical rather than food form.

These trends of isolating the active ingredients from herbs have increased to the point where it is now standard practice. For example, digitalis was found to be the active ingredient in the Foxglove herb that has been used for centuries for heart problems. Scientists now synthesize digitalis for use in many drugs. Modern medicine has maintained that the main property of herbs is their active ingredients while herbalists have maintained that not only is the active ingredient important but the other principles act to buffer the side effects of using an herb. Also, many herbalists have believed that there is a “vital force” active in an herbal preparation that is not present in a synthetic chemical.

We have undertaken some research on this topic to provide some perspective. In all cases tested so far, synthetic drugs have not contained the “vital energy” that natural herbs do. In Figure 1, we have summarized some research on ASA, the active ingredient in the common pain drug aspirin. ASA was originally discovered in the White Willow tree, which the North American Indians have used as pain reliever for centuries. Notice that the VITALITY of synthetic ASA is essentially 0 while the White Willow Bark has a reading of 480. It is obvious that synthesizing  ASA  results in a loss of the original VITALITY of the white willow bark herb.

What this means in practical terms is that using White Willow instead of synthetic ASA will add VITALITY to your body;, in our research, we have found that synthetic substances take VITALITY from the body when we ingest them because the human digestive system is not designed to assimilate synthetic substances. The presence of VITALITY in herbs is an indicator that the intelligence of the WHOLE PLANT is greater than the ACTIVE INGREDIENT alone.

2.2 What is Vitality? 

Living things rely on a VITAL ENERGY for their functioning. When we pick a flower it stops growing because it is cut off from its nourishment from the sun and the nutrients from the soil. VITALITY should not be confused with the energy we receive in the form of  CALORIES from food. Vitality is a measurement of a very subtle aspect of matter (see Appendix A), that is a precursor to the development of forms that we see around us. Measuring Vitality is analogous to the measurement of subatomic particles such as electrons and photons which is undertaken by quantum physics. The VITAL ENERGY is full of intelligence exemplified in the development of a human embryo from the union of the genetic information of the male and female. Vitality is also an organizing power of nature that is evident in the order of the universe in such things as the fragrant smell of a rose which always smells as a rose but not of another flower.

One source of Vitality is from eating plants. Plants gather solar energy from the sun through the process of photosynthesis. As part of the growing process, plants capture and store VITALITY from the sun that can add to our VITALITY when we consume them.

To monitor the ability of a plant to capture VITALITY during different times of the day, the following experiment was undertaken (Figure 2). The VITALITY  of an African Violet plant was monitored at various times of the day from before sunrise to after sunset. Our theory was that after the sun rose and set there would be a marked change in the VITALITY in the plant if the sun was a source of VITALITY  for the plant. In Figure 2 we can see that this is indeed the case; before sunrise, the VITALITY was only 3 but after sunrise that VITALITY increased dramatically with time. The peak VITALITY occurred at noon when the sun was at its highest point in the sky and then gradually waned throughout the day until sunset when there was a large decrease. We feel that this experiment proves that plants get their VITALITY from the sun. Research also suggests that natural sunlight has an important direct on humans. John Ott has pioneered the use of full-spectrum light indoors to replicate the natural wavelengths of sunlight as close as possible. The findings include that children are less hyperactive under full-spectrum lighting and that calcium assimilation is improved. Personal experience also shows that humans have more VITALITY during the day when the sun is up compared to the night. It is theorized that natural light stimulates and balances the endocrine glands which aids health and improves our VITALITY.


VITALITY is sometimes spoken of in terms of the freshness of food. We all have experienced eating home-grown food in the summer and marveling at the flavor and freshness of the food; this is what VITALITY is. Juicing has become a popular practice in recent years as consumers discover the convenience and flavor of juicing vegetables and fruits. The theory behind the advantages of consuming fresh juices is that they are easier to digest because the cellulose portion of the cell wall has been removed. Also, fresh juices are thought to have all of the live enzymes in the food that cooking can destroy.

One of our experiments with juicing is presented in Figure 3. Carrots purchased at the supermarket were juiced in a centrifugal juicer (Acme) and the VITALITY was monitored over time to determine any changes. What was found was that the VITALITY was highest right after juicing and declined very quickly with time. After 2 hours all of the original VITALITY had essentially dissipated. Notice that the VITAMIN/MINERAL content did not change during this time.

The results of this experiment verify that juices should be consumed as quickly as possible to derive the maximum VITALITY from the food as possible. While the nutrition is not affected, we feel that without the VITALITY, the nutrients will not be utilized as efficiently. The taste of the carrot juice was superior when it was fresh.

What is it that happens to the carrot juice that it can lose so much VITALITY in so little time? We have repeated this experiment and have found similar results; in fact, in the second experiment, all of the VITALITY dissipated within 15 minutes! Plants, when they grow, incorporate nutrients and water in their cells in a very unique way.  Plant cells are structured very orderly and when a carrot is juiced this order is destroyed. The structures that scientists use to describe plant cells is a colloid. A colloid is a tiny particle  smaller than the eye can see that is between a solid and a liquid. These living colloids have the nutrients in a form that is most easy to assimilate by the body. For example, we know that we do not get the iron in our diet from a nail but from a plant (or an animal that got it’s iron from a plant).

Water in living plants is also structured differently than ordinary tap water. Plants are 95% water and plant water has different structural characteristics than ordinary water. For example, Patrick and Gael Flanagan report in their book Elixer of the Ageless that fresh carrot juice has a surface tension of 30 while ordinary tapwater is 73. The lower the surface tension the more orderly the water molecules. They found that the surface tension of carrot juice increases over time which indicates that the quality of the juice decreases. This correlates with our research on the VITALITY of carrot juice.


Most of us have experienced the vitalizing effects of a trip to the mountains. The lovely scenery and the fresh air are very invigorating. What is it about mountain air that is so healthful? To answer this question we compared the VITALITY between Calgary and Lake Louise, Alberta on March 29, 1992 (Figure 4). What was found was that the VITALITY of Lake Louise air was over 400 VITALITY UNITS higher than Calgary air. Anyone who has been to the Lake Louise resort will verify that the air there is truly wonderful.

Researchers have also discovered that there are differences in air between mountains and cities. In the book THE ION EFFECT, there is a lot of discussion about negative and positive ions in air and their effect on health. Negative ions are generated from plants and there’s an extra electrical charge in the air that can add to our body’s energy when we breathe air. Positive ions are the result of pollution and artificial heating systems in buildings; the characteristic of positive ions that are lack electrical energy and as a result steal it from our bodies when we breathe air high in positive ions. This correlates very well with our VITALITY measurements.

2.3 Nutritional Research

Probably no field of human interest has more theories or opinions than of nutrition. New books are published weekly expounding the latest popular diet or supplement that’s ideal for all. The average person is confronted by so much information that he is bewildered about what to eat. Vitality Analyses: Bio-Computer Systems offer a fresh perspective on nutrition because it is based on “bio-chemical individuality”. In our research and consulting with people we test each person to determine which foods or supplements will be the best for them. This approach will be described in detail later.

2.3.1 Food Quality Research 

 Food Processing

One of the modern trends in food processing has been to develop food products that have a long shelf life. In the flour industry, white flour is the preferred form of flour over whole wheat because of its longer shelf life. White flour is made by separating the bran and the germ from the ground wheat kernel as well as bleaching the flour to make it white. In early times white bread was looked on as more healthy by the poor of society since it was only available to the aristocrats. Modern research has verified however that whole wheat bread is superior in nutrition. For example, white bread had only 14% as much Vitamin E (1), 13% of the chromium (2), 9% of the manganese (2) and 19% of the iron (2) as whole wheat bread.

What is the difference between whole wheat and white bread in terms of VITALITY? Figure 5 outlines some tests that were undertaken on samples of white bread, whole wheat bread and organic whole wheat bread obtained in a supermarket. The results are striking; the white bread is almost devoid of VITALITY ( 2 vs 320) compared to whole wheat bread. Organic whole wheat bread has 34% more VITALITY ( 430 vs 320) than commercial whole wheat bread.

It seems that the commercial process for making white bread not only reduces the nutritional content of the flour but also strips the wheat of most of its original vitality. The wheat germ is where most of the nutrition is in the wheat kernel and likely where most of the VITALITY is stored since it forms the basis for germinating the new plant. Organically grown wheat produces bread that is higher in VITALITY but not necessarily in nutrition compared to commercial whole wheat.

Another product that is processed in an analogous way to white bread is white sugar. Refined sugar has come under attack in recent years since it essentially is just empty calories. The consumption of refined sugar in North America has increased from 15 lb/person/year in 1815 to 120 lb/person/year by 1978 (3). This high sugar consumption has been associated with high blood cholesterol (4) as well as increased tooth decay (5).

Sugar is refined from either sugar cane or sugar beets. The refining process results in a loss of over 99% of the potassium, chromium and other vitamins naturally in the sugar cane (7). As an interesting fact, whole sugar cane juice has been found in research to suppress the growth of tooth cavities (6,7) so there is something in whole sugar cane that is beneficial for health; some scientists feel it is the presence of minerals such as molybdenum that offer this protection to the teeth.

More than nutrients are lost in the refining of sugar. Figure 6 outlines the results of a comparison of the VITALITY between WHITE SUGAR and WHOLE CANE SUGAR. The results are similar to the research on white bread; the white sugar has less than 1% of the VITALITY of the whole cane sugar ( 1 vs 440). In fact, our research shows that consuming white sugar depletes our bodily VITALITY while consuming the whole cane sugar INCREASES our body VITALITY. Thus improperly processed foods such as white bread and sugar may supply calories but when used in excess in the diet cause a gradual depletion in the WHOLE BODY VITALITY (WBV). A degenerative cycle is thus created and the body becomes less able to meet health challenges when the WBV is low.


The popularity of organic food has increased markedly in the past five to ten years.  This shift to purchasing foods that are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides has occurred

because of many factors.  One of the main driving forces in this trend recently has been the concern of consumers with pesticide residues in food.  For example, in l989 the Natural Resources Defence Council (US) came out with a report warning that children are especially at risk to exposure from pesticide residues in foods because of their lower body weights; of particular  concern in the report was the use of the chemical Alar in the production of apples which is a suspected carcinogen(causing cancer).  Since these pesticide products are registered for the farmers to use and the residues generally fall within guidelines accepted as safe by governments, most scientists argue that there are no health concern with eating foods with small amounts of pesticide residues.  Are there  more subtle effects on food quality from these pesticides that conventional chemical analyses can’t determine?

Another issue for a small group of consumers of organic food is the theory that organically grown foods are nutritionally superior to conventionally grown food.  When analyzing the nutritional content of organic vs conventional food all the research to date has not been clearcut in favor of organic food.  However, trends have been found.  Schupan (8) found that organic vegetables had l8% more protein, 28% more vitamin C and 77% more iron, while the overall yield of the organic vegetables was 24% less.  In taste testing one study found that over half the testers preferred supermarket food over organic food (9).

The problem with the above research approaches is that when you compare an isolated property of food you lose sight of the whole picture.  Quality by its very nature is a subjective phenomeno and can’t be quantitatively defined according to chemical analyses.  Since people differ in what they consider to taste or look better comparing the quality of foods is very difficult.

The use of VITALITY ANALYSES to monitor food offers a unique perspective for this debate.  VITALITY by its very nature is a HOLISTIC  property of a living thing (see Appendix A for more info.) If a food has more VITALITY than another food then there is potentially more VITAL ENERGY available to add to our VITAL ENERGY (WBV) when the food is eaten.

The research that has been undertaken to date has shown that organic food has always had a higher VITALITY than conventional supermarket food.  In this research samples  of organic foods have been obtained from a health food store and the same type of food was purchased from a supermarket.  The research in Figure 7 shows the VITALITY in organic cherries was 477% higher (520 VS 90), organic milk  215% higher (410 vs 130) and broccoli 180%  higher (180 vs 1).

There were no chemical analyses undertaken in any of the research but in the case of the cherries, a comparison was made between the BRIX (sugar) content.  The organic cherries had an increase of 34% (20.8 vs 15.5%).  This measurement was made with a hand held refractometer which is commonly used in the food industry to monitor the dissolved solids of foods.  The higher sugar content and VITALITY content has also been verified in organic vs commercial fruits.

The correlation between the VITALITY readings and the SUGAR  readings in apples and cherries indicates that the fruit trees that have been under natural management are growing more efficiently.  Since  plants turn solar energy into sugar in the process of photosynthesis, anything which inhibits the photosynthetic process will lower the VITALITY  and the SUGAR  content.

In all of our research so far, we have found that the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides lowers the VITALITY of plants and the soil.  We theorize that the repeated use of these products in the production of food affects the metabolism of the plant in very subtle ways; and sometimes this decreased metabolic efficiency is manifested in properties such as lower SUGAR readings in fruit and lower nutrient content (8), that can be measured using standard analytical methods.

We have found that the VITALITY of foods that are grown using  herbicides and pesticides leave residues of toxins that lower the  VITALITY of the plant as well as lowering the WBV of the person who consumes the food.  The following are the chemicaL toxicity readings for the comparisons in Figure 7.


SCALE  0-50    LOW  50-100 MODERATE    OVER 100 HIGH


CHERRIES               2                         170

MILK                         0                         110

BROCCOLI               3                       300

The long-term implications of eating food that has these toxins is unclear, but they could have some subtle effects on the cellular metabolism of the body that is not currently understood.  We will discuss some of these issues further in the section on monitoring the VITALITY of humans.


One of the most controversial areas of nutritional research is the debate over natural vs synthetic vitamins.  For example Pearson and Shaw in their book The Life Extension Companion state (pg. 174):

“The function of a nutrient depends on its chemical structure, not upon its source.”

This view, which is the position of most of the scientific community, holds that life processes are but simple chemical and biochemical reactions that are not affected by any “vital force” operating in nature.

Other scientists disagree with this view.  Dr. Deepak Chopra, the author of the book “Quantum Healing”, asserts that the human body has evolved to accept natural substances since our cellular intelligence mirrors the intelligence of nature.  Also, he adds, our receptor sites in each of the trillions of cells in the human body, accept natural substances best, just as a lock will only accept a specific key to unlock it.

Scientific research seems to support this hypothesis.  Research at the National Research Council of Canada found that natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) was found to be eight times more bio-available to the human body than synthetic vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol) (10). Research funded by a private vitamin manufacturer in the U.S. found that when vitamin C is combined in a form similar to how it is found in nature, it is assimilated in the body up to 16 times more efficiently (11).

Scientists are also finding that isolating a natural vitamin of a plant is not as effective as the WHOLE PLANT itself.  It has been found that 100 mg/day of vitamin C can help prevent stomach cancer but only 3 ounces of orange juice with only 37 mg of vitamin C is just as effective (12).  Another nutritionist has commented:

“We know how much zinc is in human milk on which a baby will grow beautifully.  Now we put that same amount of zinc in an infant formula and the infant will not grow………There is something in human milk that renders zinc more effective.  We don’t knowwhat it is” (12).

This elusive property of WHOLENESS is what distinguishes LIFE from NON-LIFE.  We feel that the missing ingredient in baby formulas and synthetic vitamins is VITALITY.  Figure 8 summarizes some of our research comparing the VITALITY of natural vs synthetic vitamins.  Natural vitamin E has 15 times more VITALITY (320 vs 20) and vitamin C when it is combined with bioflavonoids has 14 times more VITALITY (280 vs 20).  Interestingly, the vitamin C comparisons were all on synthetic vitamin C, since that is the major form used by vitamin manufacturers because of cost and availability.  When the synthetic vitamin C was combined with the bioflavonoids which are associated with vitamin C in foods, then the VITALITY is almost as high as the natural vitamin E.

The above research implies that natural vitamins have more VITALITY to add to the WBV when the consumer uses these products.  The higher VITALITY readings for natural vitamins seem to correlate with nutrient availability since most research shows that natural vitamins are assimilated in the body more efficiently.  These results seem to corroborate the intuitive feelings and experiences of people in the health food industry who have been promoting the use of minimally processed foods, natural and organic foods, and natural vitamins.  What are the effects of using natural substances on the human body?  We will pursue this theme in the next section

3. Human Nutrition Research

Our modern diet has changed considerably from that of the last generation.  Since the second world war, the consumption of soft drinks has increased by 80%, potato chips 85% while the consumption of dairy products has decreased 21%, vegetables by 23% and fruit 25% (16,17).A common meal for many in our fast paced society consists of a hamburger, french fries, a small salad, and a soft drink (15).

Diet is now recognized as affecting health.  In Canada we spend over $60 billion per year with costs increasing 14% per year (14).  It is estimated that over half of this expenditure is preventable through proper health education (nutrition, exercise, stress management, safety, effects of smoking and drinking) and use of natural medicines(14).

From the previous research on monitoring the VITALITY of improperly  processed foods as well as comparing the VITALITY of organic and conventional foods, it is obvious that the average person is consuming food that is essentially devoid of VITALITY and very low in nutrition.  A research simulation using our Bio-computer was undertaken on a female subject with the results presented in Figure 9.,The simulation with the Bio-computer consists of the following steps.

1.  Baseline whole body vitality (WBV) of subject measured.

2.  WBV of subject is measured if various foods were eaten.  While the subject did not actually consume these foods, our research has shown that these Bio-computer Simulations are useful in comparing the potential effects of foods on the WBV.  However, since the WBV is affected by many factors, the actual WBV would not go down to that value shown on graph.  The simulation only shows that eating a fast  food diet of hamburgers, fries, soft drink and salad would take VITALITY  from  the body to digest it while the dinner of rice, fish, vegetables and salad would add VITALITY in the process of digesting this meal.  Since chronic fatigue syndrome is quite common in our society at the same time as fast food meals are consumed regularly, possibly there is a connection to the devitalized foods that a fast food meal represents. In the next section of the report, we will review actual case histories of people who have followed healthy diets and have consumed food supplements such as herbs and vitamins to enhance their nutrition.


Vitality monitoring on people was intiated to determine some of the factors that affect this property. For example, the eastern cultures like China, India and Japan have recognized the prescence of a life force in the body for thousands of years. In the past 20 years acupuncture has become popular in North America since mainland China was politically recognized as a country and information exchanges have increased. Medical doctors visiting China have witnessed the use of acupuncture in place of anaethesia in operations, which confounds our accepted theories of the body. Acupuncture is based on the theory that the life force or CHI flows through various meridans in the body and when the flow of CHI becomes imbalanced, then the body becomes susceptible to disease. This theory implies that the BALANCE of life force is a key requisite to health.

Ayurveda is an ancient health science from India that also attaches a great deal of importance to the life force in health; in this science it is called PRANA.

Since there is a lack of scientific research available on the monitoring of the life force or VITALITY in people, research was undertaken with the following objectives:

1. To determine if vitality and life force are the same.

2. To monitor vitality changes in people over time and try to correlate vitality with how they feel.

3. To monitor the effects of food supplements on the vitality of the body.

4. To test whether the bio-computer simulations are useful in delineating which food supplement is suitable for an individual.

5. To monitor food allergies and the effect of specific foods on people and how dietary adjustments affect vitality.


When the vitality of a person is to be monitored, the person can place his hand in the input chamber or a hair sample is taken and placed in the input chamber for measurement. The use of a small hair sample allows great flexibility in monitoring because a person can send in a sample through the mail for later monitoring. The reason that a hair sample is suitable for measuring the WHOLE BODY VITALITY or any specific organ or nutrient in the body relates to the principle of HOLOGRAPHY. Recent research in the workings of the human brain and quantum physics have suggested that the universe stores information in a HOLOGRAPHIC manner; which basically means that information on the WHOLE SYSTEM is contained in the PART. The whole body develops holographically in the sense that while the genetic information is the same in each cell (DNA), the brain cells are programmed to turn into a brain while the heart cell develops a heart. Therefore, in our research we have found that all that is required is 1 cell with DNA in it to measure the VITALITY in any part of the body. The following case studies are presented to show some of the findings in our research on over 700 people in the last 6 years.

CASE STUDY 1 Monitoring Vitality Over Time

In this study, 5 people that were consuming Chinese Herbal Food Supplements were monitored and compared to 5 people not consuming  these supplements. In the study the VITALITY of the initial year for each person was treated as the baseline reading for comparison to other years. The baseline year was indexed at 100 and any changes in subsequent years were compared to 100 on a % basis. The results presented in Figure 10 shows that the people consuming the Chinese Herbal Foods increased their VITALITY an average of 389% over a 5 year period, while the CONTROL group showed an increase of only 22% in VITALITY, which is not statistically significant.

The design of the study was such that other factors that could affect the WBV of the groups were not controlled for. However, the results show such a positive trend for the people consuming the Chinese Herbal Foods that it is obvious that these products are boosting the WBV of the people monitored. In order to determine the influence of the Chinese Herbal Foods on these people, samples of the Chinese Herbal Foods were analyzed to determine their inherent vitalities and to simulate the possible effects of these products on the WBV of these 5 people.

In studying the Chinese Herbal Food Formulas, they were found to have exceptionally high VITALITY. In Figure 11 one experiment found that the Chinese Whole Body Tonic containing Chinese vegetables has a VITALITY 267% (480 vs 180) higher than organic broccoli. The other experiment on the graph shows that the Chinese Herbal Cleansing Tea #1 had a VITALITY 1467% greater (440 vs 30) than a comparable Chinesecleansing tea available from a health food store. The Chinese HerbalFoods had VITALITY readings in the same range as the organic cherries discussed in Figure 6. This is surprising considering that the organic cherries were fresh while the Chinese Herbal Foods were freeze fried and in a powder form. This suggests that the processing of the Chinese Herbal Foods preserves most of the original freshness of the foods.

The high inherent VITALITY readings of these Chinese Herbal Food Formulas suggests that they would have a large amount of vital energy to add to the people who consume these foods. To further determine the effects of these foods on the WBV of people, a  research project was initiated in April 1992 to monitor the WBV of people BEFORE and AFTER they consumed specific Chinese Herbal Foods.


L.J. of Edmonton started on the Chinese Herbal Foods to loseweight and to generally feel better. In December the WBV prior to going on the Chinese Weight Loss program was 20 (see Figure 12).  After the program a reading in January showed the WBV to be 80.

Another Chinese Herbal Food program was iniated and the WBV monitored in May 1992 and it increased to 240, a 300% increase from the January reading. Notice in Figure 12 how the Candida Albicans reading went from 140 in December to 30 in May. Note that the prescence of too much Candida yeast in the body is associated with feelings of tiredness. A letter received from L.J. indicated that the Chinese

Herbal Foods were causing increased energy in the body and more well being; this correlates with the 1200% increase in WBV (20 VS 240)  from December to May 1992. Other parameters that have changed during this 5 month time was increased VITALITY of the Digestive System (from 10 to 50) and the Circulatory System (from 10 to 60). Also noticed was a decrease in the Whole Body Toxicity reading (from 80 to 30) which correlates to better body functioning and the decrease in Candida yeast in the body. Of particular interest in the monitoring was the decrease in INFLAMMATION readings over time from consuming these products.

This case study shows that consuming these Chinese Herbal Foods nourishes the Whole Body and causes the VITALITY of many different Body Systems to improve simultaneously.


A woman from Saskatchewan had a VITALITY ANALYSES undertaken along with the Food Allergy/Sensitivity testing. The respondent mentioned intestinal gas after eating. Testing found the following allergies:


Scale: 0-50 low      50-100 moderate      over  100 high

WHEAT                      40

TOMATOES               20


In a telephone conversation after the results of the Vitality Analyses were received in the mail, it was indicated that 2 days after avoiding wheat in the diet there was more energy and less gas experienced.

This case study also shows that the results correlate with people’s personal experiences. While the allergies were Low, wheat seemed to be difficult for this particular person to digest and also robbed the body of valuable VITALITY during the digestion process.

In summary, then, these Chinese Herbal Foods provide the body with extra VITALITY along with the nutrients present in the foods. We theorize that this extra VITALITY allows the body to normalize it’s functioning over time. This extra VITALITY would likely allow the body to deal with STRESS more efficiently which is part of the normalization process. While this particular study does not prove that consuming these Chinese Herbal Foods will aid the body in dealing with STRESS, the subjective experiences of the users of these products support this hypothesis. This is an area for further research.


The title of this paper is A NEW PARADIGM IN NUTRITION AND HEALTH ASSESSMENT. We have discussed vitality in relation to synthetic herbs and vitamins versus natural ones, effects of food processing on food vitality and the effects of foods and herbs on the VITALITY of the body (WBV). We feel that we are justified in stating the use of VITALITY ANALYSES in nutrition research is a new paradigm (creates a shift in viewpoint), that brings wider perspectives on some debates that are currently under way in the field of nutrition. Modern science as it has progressed in the last 150-200 years has made great strides in studying nature. Science has studied matter as an aggregation of each of the 92 chemical elements with each element containing the ultimate building block of nature, the atom.

With the great discoveries in physics, chemistry and mathematics mankind has developed all of the high technologies such as computers that we enjoy today. This mechanical viewpoint has been extended to the field of biology also. There have been successes in understanding of genetic basis of living things with the ability to modify the characteristics of plants and animals. Using the science of genetics improved varieties of plants have been developed to produce larger yields and withstand diseases.

What is missing from the mechanical approach in the biological sciences is an understanding of VITALITY. Living things have a life force that distinguishes them from non-living things. We feel that VITALITY ANALYSES:BIO-COMPUTER SYSTEMS measures this life force which offers a whole new perspective on the properties of Living Things. Based on the research presented in this paper, the following are the conclusions:

1. Natural substances such as herbs and vitamins have more VITALITY than synthetic drugs and vitamins.

2. Organic foods have more inherent VITALITY than commercial foods grown with synthetic chemicals.

3. The improper processing of foods results in a loss of VITALITY of the foods; an example is white flour versus whole wheat flour.

4. The consumption of synthetic herbs (drugs), vitamins, and improperly processed foods lowers the vitality of the person consuming them because the human digestive system and the cells of the body are not designed to accept synthetic substances.

5. People who eat natural products such as Chinese Herbal Foods, increase their WHOLE BODY VITALITY (WBV) over time much more than people who do not.

6. The use of Vitality Analyses: Bio-Computer Systems as a research technology in the field of nutrition would complement the current emphasis on chemistry, and would provide an enlarged perspective on the effects of foods on the human body as well as aid people in understanding which foods are the best for them.

Mechanism of Measuring Vitality 

Science in the last 200 years has been intent on breaking matter down into its parts to explain the mechanism for how things work. This approach has been very useful in developing the technology that we use today to allow us many luxuries that were unthought of a few years ago. However, this reductionist approach has not been able to explain the greatest wonder in the universe, life.       As was previously mentioned, there is a history of “vitalist” ideas in all cultures. These ideas have arisen because science has not been able to explain life satisfactorily in mechanistic terms.

For example, we all learn in university physics about the second law of thermodynamics; namely that all matter tends to go toward increasing entropy (disorder). Living things defy this tendency to go toward disorder in a mysterious way that is not currently understood by science. The great physicist’ Schroedinger thought that living things did this by “drinking orderliness from the environment”.

Biology has tried to explain the vital organizing field lately in terms of electricity. Research has found that the brain gives off electrical waves that can be recorded on an encepholograph. Harol Saxton Burr published considerable work in the 30’s and 40’s showing that people, plants, and animals give off electrical signals from their cells from what he termed the life field. Robert Becker, an orthopedic surgeon, performed research in human and animal healing and reported there is increased electrical potential at the site of an injury and the junction point of animal limbs that are being regenerated.     While living things do indeed possess electrical properties we postulate that these electrical potentials are a process of life in living cells and not the life force itself. Vitality is of a much more fundamental nature than electricity.

Quantum Physics

The one science that has progressed to the point where VITALITY can be explained is quantum physics. This is the branch of physics that deals with subatomic matter in contradiction to the normal scales of matter we view with our senses. In quantum physics in this century some of the leading scientists of our time such as Einstein and Schroedinger have developed some of the most sophisticated scientific theories ever. The following is a summary of the findings of quantum physics:

1. Matter is not composed of ultimate building blocks like atoms but instead consists of patterns of energy that are dynamic and undergoing continuous transformations.

2. Subatomic particles have properties of both particles and waves.

Matter at this level has many such contradictory aspects.

3. The wave nature of subatomic particles has properties such that they are affected by their relationships to other particles in a non-local way. For example, in Bell’s Theorem, two electrons that have been associated with one another will continue to be influenced by each other no matter what distance separates them.

4. The process of measuring subatomic particles by the scientists, ie. the conditions in which they decide to measure the particles,  affects the outcome of the experiment. You can’t separate the observer from the observed.

5. Since the observed and observer can’t be separated in the process of monitoring the properties of subatomic particles, in the future consciousness will have to be recognized as affecting research and possibly used as a tool in research on subatomic particles.

How this relates to VITALITY ANALYSES BIO:COMPUTER SYSTEMS is that it is a technology that already uses the observer to aid in measuring VITALITY (the observation) in living things. This is important because VITALITY by its very nature will not be amenable to measurement using strictly electronic devices since they utilize only the electromagnetic spectrum and not the more subtle subatomic particles that represent VITALITY.

We also postulate that the subatomic particles that are observed during the high energy collisions of quantum physics are fundamentally different from VITALITY. While living matter contains chemical elements as well as subatomic particles such as quarks, we theorize that living things contain LIFETRONS, which are subatomic particles that are filled with intelligence and life force (VITALITY).

Resonance is a well-known and understood phenomenon in electromagnetic theory. When waves of the same wavelength meet there is an increase in amplitude of the waves in proportion to original frequencies. Since VITALITY ANALYSES seem to operate according to this principle, then LIFETRONS must have similar wave-like properties as other electromagnetic particles such as photons. Resonance is also observed in sound waves when a tuning fork that is vibrating at the same wavelength as the musical not C will cause other tuning forks to vibrate at the C tone also.

In conclusion, VITALITY ANALYSES BIO:COMPUTER SYSTEMS is a technology that combines pioneering breakthroughs in quantum physics with human consciousness to monitor the subtle force and matter fields that were heretofore not available for measurement. By including the study of VITALITY along with physics, chemistry, and especially biology, mankind will be provided with a much more HOLISTIC perspective on the matter. The use of this technology will allow us to undertake research at a much more subtle level which will hopefully result in better planning of our actions to minimize the environmental side effects that are

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