How it Works

A. How the Vital Health Assessment Works:

  1. Is Vital Health Assessment the same as hair analysis that I have heard of.
  2. Is Vital Health Assessment a recognized medical procedure?
  3. Is Vital Health Assessment accurate?
  4. How does Vital Health Assessment work?
  5. Who would benefit form Vital Health Assessment

1. Question:  Is Vital Health Assessment the same as Hair Analysis that I have seen advertised in health magazines..

Answer: No. Hair Analysis uses a chemical process to determine the minerals ect in your hair and thus infer what is happening to the rest of your body. This kind of testing has strong limits of what it can actually measure. Vital Health Assessment is a measure of Energy which directly relates to your whole body. It can test many other factors that common hair test can not and its results are more accurate and practical.

2. Question: Is Vital Health Assessment a recognized medical procedure?

Answer: No. Vital Health Assessment measures very subtle energies that are not recognized by the medical establishment. We have found that Vital Health Assessment detects problems long before they can be detected by normal chemical or structural methods.

3. Question:  Is Vital Health Assessment accurate?

Answer:  Yes. Individuals have been amazed at how accurate Vital Health Assessment is …but also more importantly, they are happy with the positive changes they experience when they follow the recommended foods and herbs. No testing procedure is 100% accurate whether conventional or alternative. For example the same blood has been sent to different chemical labs and the results always vary a little. Various alternative diagnostic procedures emphasize certain aspects. For example within Irridology it is easy to see toxins and stagnation, so the diagnosis by this method almost always brings this out and then there would be recommendations to correct this particular problem.

We don’t make any claims about the results of Vital Health Assessment. We have never advertised Vital Health Assessment. The best advise we give to people is just to try it for yourself.

4. Question:  How does Vital Health Assessment work?

Answer:  Vital Health Assessment is a system which measures the vitality in anything living. This vitality has also been called ‘life force’, prana’, and ‘chi’. Vital Health Assessment uses a specially designed Bio-computer used by a trained technician to analyze the vitality in: foods, supplements, our bodies, various systems, and so on. It has been found that the level of vitality of a body system can be increased with proper nutrition.

A more complete understanding of Vital Health Assessment can be had by reading a research paper Detailed Explanation

5.  Question:  Who would benefit from Vital Health Assessment?

Answer: Lots of people!….they include:

a. Anyone who wants to feel better and get more out of their herb food program.

b. Anyone who wants to save money by buying only those herb foods which give the maximum benefit. Those who don’t want to waste.

c. Those who are trying hard to improve their health with nutrition but still not receiving the benefits they were hoping for.

d. Those who wish to understand a more about their health situation. It is very confusing sometimes to be dealing with a health problem and understanding and verification takes away that stress.

e. Those who want to get more in touch with their bodies. The ideal method of gradual heath is to listen to our bodies but our lifestyles are so hectic and there are so many strong influences on our bodies that it is sometime hard to interpret what our bodies are telling us. Vital Health Assessment measures subtle imbalances often before they can be tested medically or give big problems so their recommendations can act like reminders or suggestions of what we already know.

The process requires that you send a small hair sample with your application form. You will receive your results in 2-3 weeks by email.