Chinese Year of the Lucky Prosperous Dog

Yes, this is the Chinese year of the prosperous dog!  Time for us to become prosperous in all ways, not just money, although lots of money is a good thing too. We know that a dog is a loyal companion who is always happy to see us.  They are also independent, sincere, and decisive, and not afraid of life’s difficulties.  This makes them easy and harmonious to have a relationship with.

This year of the dog is all based on the Chinese zodiac which has a 12-year cycle of animals: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

A Favourable Symbol

The word in Chinese for the barking of a dog is “wang wang” which sounds the same as the word that means “prosperous” in Chinese.  So, it is regarded as a favourable symbol when a dog comes to a house. The “Year of the Dog” is to be a year of good fortune.

Think about it, in English we define human characters such as “Top dog” a great person; “Lucky dog” as a lucky person; “big dog” a bodyguard and there are more for sure. Then there are sayings like “to work like a dog,” means to work very hard; and every dog has its days” means to wait for your chance.

Since the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), dogs have been in early paintings with fine ladies in a life of leisure.

Here is a poem that was written by one of the greatest poets in the Eastern Jin and Liu Song period.

Returning to my Farm ~ Tao Yuanming (AD 365-427)

The distant village dimly looms somewhere,
With smoke from chimneys drifting in the air.
In silent country lanes a stray dog barks,
Amid the mulberry trees cocks crow with larks.
The poet gave us a vivid picture of a peaceful and lively rural life.

Chinese Year of the Prosperous Dog Greetings

For Chinese people, it is a custom to send messages to relatives, friends, and all people in their life who are very grateful to get these well-wishing messages and will respond straight away. These days these greetings are sent via social media.

Here are some of the popular “Year of the Dog New Year” greetings:

  • Peace and Good Health in the Year of the Dog
  • Lucky Dog Brings You Spring
  • Prosperity Comes in the Year of the Dog, With Fortune at the Door
  • The Dog Comes and Good Fortune Arrives

On Chinese New Year’s Day, friends and families get together; they clean their houses to sweep away bad-fortune and even cut or dye their hair to begin the new year fresh. I was at my hairdresser yesterday, who is Chinese, and she told me her mom had come that morning to make sure all was ready with her hair for the new year.  So I am ready too!

There are red envelopes filled with “lucky money” given to children, with written wishes for the children to grow up healthy and wealthy.

May the Year of the Dog bring you Peace and Good Health!

Here is my recipe for Delicious Chinese Vegetables for Dinner to bring in the Chinese New Year!

Chinese Year Prosperous Dog
Delicious Chinese Vegetables for Dinner

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