Every day our Healthy Cooking E-Book is getting closer to completion.  The last thing we have to choose is it's title and you can participate.  We have already had some great suggestions buy maybe you have a better one.

This book really is an entry level book for those who are just beginning to turn their eating style around.  It is for those who are on their way to creating a higher energy level in their body.  It is the foundation of eating in a new and exciting way that will change your life.  It is a book filled with simple solutions and recipes for your new way of eating without being rocket science. When you change your way of eating to include Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fruit and Whole Grains, you begin to feed your body the nutrients it is longing for. How will Healthy Eating affect You?

  • sleep better at night
  • increase your energy levels
  • be your correct weight
  • have less colds and flues
  • moods stable, less mood swings

There is just one slight problem, – we can't decide on a title so we would ask your opinion. Which book titles would you be attracted to and consider purchasing.

There is many considerations. Some men for example would not want a 'recipe' book but they would want a 'guide'. We have had a lot of fun with this!

We have listed several titles (sometimes with their subtitles) below. Please comment which ones you like the most (or least) and why.  If you come up with a brand new title you can throw that in also!

  • One Great Easy Meal a Day How To Get Your Health on Track
  • Real Food for Real Men The Lazy Man's Guide to getting Your Health On Track
  • Real Food for You! The Simple Guide to Healthy Eating with Live Food.
  • One Great Meal a Day for Idiots
  • How to Make Quick Easy Extremely Healthy Meals You can leave your comments below where they will be posted on this site or you can email us directly at  editor@realfoodforlife.com. Thanks a lot in advance.