In this free webinar you will learn how to strengthen and balance your body and keep the weight off this winter with simple tips.

Many of us notice an increase in problems like dry skin, body pains, lethargy, coughs, flues and even depression.

We need a seasonal way of looking after our bodies to maintain good health.

In general, winter increases DRYNESS  and COLD in your body.  We can counteract that with foods and activities.

 Your Will Learn…..
  • How to create new healthy habits to reach your health goals.
  • How to reach and maintain your natural slenderness this winter!
  • How to quickly balance yourself after the holiday overload.
  • Which foods should you always have in your kitchen and which you should never have.
  • How to simplify your eating choices!
  • Advanced courses for profound health changes.
  • How to eat seasonally in winter.
  • Which Powerfoods are best for this season.

“Thanks for the great info.” ~ Connie

“Great fun call….thanks!” ~ Colleen Ceton

“Great call, the info on Himalayan sea salt was very enlightening.” ~ Carolyn

“I always learn something on these calls.” ~ June Benaschak

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