Survey Results July

Thanks everyone who responded to our questionnaire.

Below is a graph of the results.


survey results

As you can see there were some clear winners. 

We will definitely keep this in mind when we are planning for the fall and winter.

One Odd Result

One item which we put on the list was the Health Two Day Diet (5:2 Diet)

We are not sure what to do with this results for this since this is a recent idea that has recently come out of Europe and it is not well known yet.  It’s hard to vote for something you don’t know about.

The idea of a Two Day Diet is that you eat whatever you want for five days but then you have a specialized diet for  two days.

Many of the regular 2 Day Diets available are just calorie restriction diets. 

We realized that our Weekend Web Training (or BootCamps) resemble a 2 Day Diet in some ways.

The difference is OUR two day Diet is actually HEALTHY – so healthy that your body will love it and will want you to stay on it the other 5 days.

You Can Still  Give Your Input

IF you haven’t already voted or want to add a new vote you can leave your comment below.




vital healt assessment

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