How I Failed at Becoming an Alcoholic and Happy I Did!

It’s interesting how I failed at becoming an alcoholic!  Here is my story.

I Failed to Become an Alcoholic!

When I was 24, I moved to Nelson, BC to attend the Kootenay School of Art.  I knew no one in the town or even at the art school.  Being a student I had to live in economical housing, I had a room in a rooming house without a kitchen or living room and had to share a bathroom with many others. There was a hot plate and a fridge in my small room, not much fun for the already cook I was.  It truly was a depressing situation to find myself in.


In those days, I liked dry red wine so I would buy a bottle and drink it all alone in my room getting inebriated every night.  I thought I might as well become an alcoholic; as it was in the family to be one.

Big Problem Trying to Be an Alcoholic

Soon my bladder and kidneys began to react and I was in so much pain that I had to stop after only two weeks of drinking wine nightly and could not resume my activity to become an alcoholic.  I failed at becoming an alcoholic.

Still, I was able to have the occasional glass of wine at parties and dinners without any problem that I could see.

I Grew Up With a Family of Alcoholics

Having graduated in Social Work I learned that my father, grandparents, and uncles were not simply beer lovers they were alcoholics.  The definition that I grew up with did not fit them as they did not fall or shout or even have the shakes if they did not have their alcohol for a couple of days.  My father would say “I just like the taste of beer.” Even my mother’s father and grandfather were alcoholics so I come from a long line of them.

The alcoholics in my family didn’t sound or look like they were.


When I became very ill with Fibromyalgia and Severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I did not drink alcohol ever; I found it increased being weak.

As I began to get better I was at a birthday party in a Japanese restaurant with a group of friends. I remember how much I liked sake when I was in Japan so I ordered one and then another and then another. After three servings of sake, one of the people at the table ordered a bottle of sake so I had three more.  I did not feel anything, which was interesting because when I was younger my friends would always joke about what a cheap drunk I was; after one or two glasses of wine I would be telling jokes and be very funny.

After six servings of sake, I was not at all inebriated at all.  There was no funny Diana, telling jokes. When I went to the washroom and looked in the mirror; I saw a very red face.  That was the only sign I had at that moment from the alcohol.  If only that was the only side effect.  What happened after that is memorable enough to put me off drinking forever.  I had a hangover for six months!

Research has shown that there’s no safe level of alcohol consumption. Even low levels of alcohol consumption can harm your health, and high levels have even worse effects.  ~ Lancet. 2018

Do I ever drink alcohol now?

No, and I’m not at all interested in having even one sip.  I know how it makes my body feel and value vibrant health more.  I do not miss it at all. No self-control is required.  That glass of expensive red wine does not look appealing, not even for one sip. I can be silly and fun without it and be naturally high. No need for a substance to that.  Best of all I am left full of vibrant energy after parties.

In our testing, we always find that alcohol lowers the vitality of everyone which includes me.

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1 thought on “How I Failed at Becoming an Alcoholic and Happy I Did!”

  1. hello..I stopped drinking dry Italian wine because of very strict religion stipulations ,,Now theworl started to realize that alcohol is not good for the human body….Also I stopped smoking after 40 years of being Big smoker,,,now I celebrate my 23 years on non smoking<<< Thank you ave great health and happiness,,,Zouhair

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